Meet the New Teachers: Mr. Thomas

Though many students already know him from the football field and basketball court, Mr. Noel Thomas, Sr., is incredibly excited to get to know the entire St. Luke’s community as the new Community Life Associate here on the Hilltop. After only the first five days of school, it is almost a guarantee that when you take a look in the cafeteria, you will find Mr. Thomas talking to students. Genuine and compassionate, Mr. Thomas is a man that most (and soon to be all) of the SLS student body has grown to love.

Mr. Thomas, St. Luke's new Community Life Associate, in the Center for Leadership.

Mr. Thomas, St. Luke’s new Community Life Associate, in the Center for Leadership.

A key member of the varsity football coaching team over the past three years, Mr. Thomas came to the sport after high school, when he played on the semi-professional level as a player on the Connecticut Giants. Eleven years ago, after a career in the trucking industry, Mr. Thomas returned to the sport, teaching boys how to play the sport he had come to love. “My personality gelled well with the sport and the lessons involved,” he explained to the Sentinel. His devotion to the game only deepened when his son, Noel Thomas, Jr., discovered that his favorite sport was football (Noel went on to become one of the football legends in St. Luke’s sporting history).

The transition from part to full-time, though challenging to most people, came more as an exciting change of scenery to Mr. Thomas. “I love coming to work everyday,” he told us, “I fell in love with St. Luke’s a long time ago, so I wasn’t surprised by the amazing people and environment. It was an adjustment physically being in a different place, but I love my job and I love being here. I feel like I’m affecting change in the lives of many.”

Positioned in the CFL, he will focus on being a leader to make life better for students and faculty, “be it academically or socially.” In his new office, Mr. Thomas will work directly with both admissions and alumni, though he hopes it will “evolve into a community and global position that infuses passion into St. Luke’s, but yet brings the school out into the whole world.”

The most important lessons that Mr. Thomas wants to share with the students he meets spring from his abiding personal philosophy (one which his players are very familiar with): “One line, no gaps, and no excuses. It basically means let’s stay together, let’s make sure that nothing gets between us and our dreams, and let’s create solutions instead of making excuses.” In addition, one of most essential things that Mr. Thomas wanted to stress is that “I don’t want anyone to think that I’m just here for the football guys and the basketball guys, I want to be here for everyone.”

If you have yet to introduce yourself, go up to Mr. Thomas and meet the man many of the students at SLS absolutely adore. Whether he is out coaching the football team, in the commons checking in with students about their day, or bringing his worldview to the St. Luke’s community, Mr. Thomas brings his own unique dynamic to SLS that is sure to become an integral part of the St. Luke’s identity.

— Monika Gabriele, School News Correspondent 


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