Another Grand Slam of a Season for Varsity Softball

With a winning season now behind them, the Girls Varsity Softball team heads to the FAA’s with high hopes for the championship title. The team currently holds an 8-1 record that makes them an early favorite in the tournament.

Jamie Schlim '15 hits a sharp liner into the outfield

Jamie Schlim ’15 hits a sharp liner into the outfield

Never before has there been such anticipation over a season of softball. Everyone on the Hilltop anxiously waited to see the team take the diamond for the first time since last year. Hoping for a championship victory this year, Captain Jenny Price ‘13 is determined to meet the expectations of the SLS community. “We’ve  worked really hard this season and I can’t wait to see it all pay off in the FAA’s,” Price told The Sentinel. “Last year we brought home a co-championship title but this year I’m sure that we can win it in its entirety.”

After the St. Luke’s last 15-4 win versus the King School on Monday, April 30, winning the championship title looks like a very possible feat. The Storm bolstered eleven hits, including a grand slam by Marissa Ruschil ‘15 and a three-run home run by Sasha Clark ‘14. Jaimie Schlim ‘15 helped silence the bats of the Vikings, and closed out the game with an impressive eleven strikeouts.

Price believes that the underclassmen are the main reason for the Storm’s success this year. “It’s the kind of thing where I’m not even worried about the years to come,” Price said. “The underclassmen are so strong this year that our team will hopefully dominate the league for the next few seasons. We have so many younger girls that are getting better and better each day.” Price especially asserts her faith in Sophomore pitchers Schlim and Ruschil, who have carried their team to several victories, saying that she “doesn’t know what the team would do without them.”

The Storm’s Senior Day is on Monday, May 13, against Hamden Hall. They hope to finish off the season on a good note before heading to the FAA playoffs on May 20th and 21st. With a promising few weeks ahead of them, the girls encourage the fans to come and support their games as they look to bring home the FAA title.

— Drew Lord, Social Media Director

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