GoT Money: M&M Predict who will Win the “Game of Thrones”

Some games call for extraordinary athletic and physical prowess. Others require a masterful grasp of diplomacy along with constant strategic and tactical awareness. Still others entail dogged dedication, an unrivaled willingness to sacrifice, and a good deal of luck. However, anyone wishing to play the most dangerous game this side of the Iron Islands—the Game of Thrones—must possess all these attributes and more…

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Editors Mac Zech and Melanie Bow fight for the Iron Throne

Editors Mac Zech and Melanie Bow fight for the Iron Throne

In HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones, countless powerful factions vie for absolute control of Westeros. Since season one’s memorable finale, one that left viewers shocked by the death of the protagonist, Lord Eddard Stark, the writers have established that, in the game of thrones, “you win, or you die.”  While we at the Sentinel strongly (and quite unofficially) endorse this show, we recognize that delving into the politics of not one but seven fantasy kingdoms (as well as a smattering of city-states) is a major investment of time. Thus, Melanie Bow and Mac Zech (M&M), two of the brightest, most attractive, successful, dynamic, synergistic, and popular writers at the Sentinel, have decided to coach SLS through the game of thrones and to give their predictions as to who will win and who will die!

Jamie Lannister:

Mel: Jaime’s brash declaration “there are no men like me, only me” appears to be losing credibility as season 3 progresses.  After being held as Catlyn Stark’s prisoner for a year, getting captured by a northern army and recently losing his right hand, the Kingslayer seems less like a marvel and more like a disgraced knight with no chance of recovery. If Jaime were to win the Iron Throne, he would have to rely solely on his family’s reputation and their current control of Westeros.  Now that he can’t take matters into his own hands (crass pun intended) the safety net of his lineage is his only hope for survival, let alone power.

Mac: I really have to hand it to Jaime just because he hasn’t given up and died yet. However, although his present situation is dire, this rogue Lannister can probably count on his extended family to lend him a helping hand. While being held as prisoner by the North and losing a sword hand presents a challenge that, for many, would be too much to handle, it may also provide the writers with an opportunity to humanize Jaime and eventually mold him into a protagonist, thereby setting the stage not for his demise but his rise to the forefront of the GoT storyline. Ned Stark may disagree but I still remain true to the belief that interesting and multifaceted protagonists are prized over even the most dastardly villains. If the writers are indeed trying to craft Jaime into a more complex character, then you can expect him to survive and, one day, thrive in the Game of Thrones.

Robb Stark:

Mac: I mean wow… how can this “king of the North” not have died yet? I mean, it’s one thing to poke a lion, it’s quite another to take on the entirety of Westeros with only a paltry levy of Northmen and the nominal allegiance of the House Tully. Even if Robb does manage to gain a few more Pyrrhic victories in the field against Lannister forces and even if his men miraculously recapture Jaime (now handless i.e. worthless), his ego will eventually get so out of hand that it’ll stifle any hopes of a free North. I think I can speak for a majority of viewers when I say we’re all still pulling for the Starks and for the North in general. However, as the odds and the omens stack higher against Robb and his band of archetypal Scots, we may have to brace ourselves for another major loss. In other words: get some tissues, a tub of ice cream, and a soft pillow to cry on… you’ll almost certainly need it.

Mel: As much as it pains me to say, (I mean really, I’m already starting to feel the onset of depression) I agree 100% with Mac on this one.  In my opinion we are beginning to see the final days of Robb Stark, so buy yourself copious pints of Ben and Jerry’s and listen to the Songza playlist “Songs Fo’ Sobbing” while you grieve for the heartthrob of winterfell.  Robb takes after his father a great deal; he has Ned’s strong sense of morality and duty but also like his father, Robb bites off more than he can chew (such is the case with his war for Westeros.)  This fatal mistake is what ultimately killed his father and, sorry to disillusion you, will kill the “King of the North” as well in due time.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Mel: While Daenerys continues to win the show’s audience with her “where are my dragons?” routine, her increasing power and political savvy might just win her control of the Iron Throne. Although she relies heavily on the claim that her family lineage and “dragon blood” is enough to get her control of Westeros, she continues to surprise us all (even her closest advisors like Sir Jorah Mormont) with her tactics as Khaleesi.  Clearly the fan favorite along with Tyrion, I’m convinced the writers of GoT have plans for Daenerys until the show goes off air- plus, how could they kill her off when her dragons readily burn anyone who threatens her life? Daenerys’ tact, conviction and, of course, army of ruthless warlords and barbaric slave-soldiers puts her as a strong contender for the Iron Throne.  Throughout the show she has been a particularly isolated character, I would like to eventually see Daenerys join forces with another lone direwolf (hint hint Jon Snow).

Daenerys Targaryen, one of GoT's fan favorites and a top contender for the Iron Throne

Daenerys Targaryen, aka “Mother of Dragons,” gets ready to claim the throne that’s rightfully hers

Mac: Sporting an unsurpassed right to the Iron Throne and not one but three loyal dragons to boot, it’s a wonder that Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen hasn’t already conquered not only Westeros but the entire known (fantasy…) world! Still, her travels to various distant Eastern city-states have, if nothing else, exposed the viewer to several rich and arresting backdrops that work to add flavor to the series. Indeed, these varied settings may be just what the writers needed to make up for the many arduous “Jon Snow in the snow” scenes. Plus, the strain of both the constant tests put to her leadership abilities and the sheer logistics involved in holding her band of Dothraki together certainly seems to have little effect on the stout-hearted heroin. I agree with Mel on this one: Dany will, at some distant date, return to Westeros, and take back her throne after an epic showdown with whoever is unlucky enough to stand in her way. Till that fateful (probably last) season, viewers will simply have to wait and watch as the dragon queen adventures through the exotic lands of the eastern shore.

House Tyrell:

Mac: True to their family motto, House Tyrell seems to be “growing strong” even in the incredibly turbulent political atmosphere of war-torn Westeros and it’s easy to see why. This house is absolutely stacked with devious, strong-willed, and power-hungry individuals who nevertheless seem (so far) to have the necessary cohesion to stick together when times get tough. Perhaps the largest challenges this house must overcome are those presented by the administration of King’s Landing and the subjugation of the seven kingdoms. Renewing the offensive against the quarreling kingdoms, a move that Mace will undoubtedly be tempted to take, may prove more challenging than even the combined minds and resources of the Lannisters and the Tyrrells can overcome. Official prediction: Tyrells take over as the dominant ruling family in Westeros and stay in power for multiple seasons.

Mel: Props to Mac for even bringing up the Tyrells when we were considering which characters and houses to make predictions for.  Although they had sufficient screentime in seasons one and two, until now they seemed to be one of the less “mainstream” houses… for a music analogy think “the Fleet Foxes of Westeros.”  But recently they have gained my attention, especially now with the arrival of an omnipresent, sassy and Dame-Judy-Dench-esque grandmother.  Margaery has also proved herself a major player in the game of thrones by having the crucial combination of ambition and practicality.  This idea certainly fits in with the common GoT theme of “the underdog,” and with House Tyrell’s rising prominence I could say with absolute confidence that it will continue to play a critical role in Westeros politics, yet no member of the house stands out particularly to me as a contender for the Iron Throne.

Joffrey Lannister:

Mac: What can I say about King Joffrey Lannister without getting into the realm of NSFSLS? Everything about this egomaniac, from his Russian-peasant hairdo to his beady little shark eyes, betrays his inner (very un-kingly) nature. I could forgive Joffrey of all his faults if he at least allowed his more capable uncle, Tyrion, to run the realm but instead this spoiled brat insists on running his family and the Iron Throne into the ground with the unyielding strength of his own unrivaled incapability. I can’t tell if the writers of GoT are going to keep this malevolent milksop on the Iron Throne for the next 50 years just to piss off the viewers or if they’re just setting him up to get completely and satisfiably wrecked. I for one, along with basically every other GoT fan, hope for the latter. However, the alliance with House Tyrell may just be enough to keep this unsavory character alive and in power for years to come… but it’d also be hilarious to see things fall apart with Tommen as well.

Mel: While my opinions on Joffrey’s haircut diverge slightly from Mac’s, I was thinking more along the lines of one of the Duggar children from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” (I mean he even has a made up name that begins with “J”), my sentiments are largely the same.  This does not come as shock as the popular consensus among GoT fans is that Joffrey is probably the most aggravating and ungrateful little weasel to grace our television screens. Honestly, one of the most gratifying experiences of my life thus far was watching Cersei slap him across the face in season two (sorry, I know she’s a bit questionable but the woman is still my hero.)  Despite how much I would love to never see Joffrey again, it is highly unlikely he will bite the bullet this season.  I expect this idiocy will continue at least one more season, especially now that Joffrey is allied Margaery Tyrell, who appears to be sharp-witted and capable enough to keep him from running Westeros completely into the ground.

Jon Snow:

Mel: I was beginning to lose faith in “Ned Stark’s Bastard” when he left his noble father in Winterfell to “take the Black,” or rather to permanently take a vow of celibacy just so he can go and sit on a wall in the freezing cold.  However just when the whole monotonous “Jon is so honorable” routine was getting incredibly boring for the veteran viewers, he leaves the Nights Watch in a fit of disgust to be on the “side that fights for the living,” (the Wildlings).  His alliance with the Wildling King-Beyond-The-Wall gives the viewers a little more faith that Snow will once again return to Westeros and possibly join forces again with the Starks, particularly his half brother Bran who he was incredibly close with.  Right now I’m clinging to the possibility that Bran’s prophetic dreams will be able to help Jon discover his true parentage, hopefully for him, one that gives him a shot of becoming King.  Yet even if this turned out to be true, Jon seems to lack the guile and ambition to push his way to the top.

Does underdog Jon Snow have what it takes to compete in the game of thrones?

Does underdog Jon Snow have what it takes to compete in the game of thrones?

Mac: This character will probably be a power player for the rest of the series….. This character will probably continue on as a plot thickening protagonist until season seven…. This character will slowly begin to understand that his true destiny lies in something far greater than the Wall…… but it can’t change the fact that I really just loathe this character to the core. Imbued with both the constricting idealistic morals of the archetypal knight and the constricting intellectual capability of the archetypal hamster, Jon Snow seems to lack any semblance of true internal conflict–a highly desirable trait in any protagonist. As far as character development goes I just wish someone would hand him an annotated Il Principe but at this point I’d even settle for a used copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but, so far, Jon has proven himself to be morally, mentally, and socially unfit for the Game of Thrones. Take him out now while you still can, writers! Do it! Pull the trigger!

Lord Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish:

Mel: Say what you will about Little Finger- sure he’s devious, a little sketchy and oh yeah, he runs a brothel- but he knows how to play “the game.”  I’ll even go out on a limb and say he’s better at navigating the stormy waters of Westeros politics than any other character.  Without having a noble lineage, Baelish was able to gain tremendous power by his cunning, intellect and capacity for deceit alone.  Although in GoT any character is subject to some bizarre fate, one thing for sure is that Baelish will continue to rise to the top, by any means necessary. Westeros, watch your back! Little Finger has something up his sleeve… I’m talking to you, Sansa Stark…

Mac: THIS GUY IS A CREEP! Every time he strolls into a scene with that creepy look on his face I’m reminded “CREEP! CREEP!” If anyone in Westeros had any sense they’d capture Little Finger and have him Spartan kicked off The Wall so that he couldn’t cause any more problems. I’m sure he’s got something devious up his sleeve but unlike Tyrion Lannister, Baelish always has the worst planned for others. This unsavory creature will undoubtedly meet a horrible end. The fans just hate him too much. I really would rather not dwell on Baelish at all. I gotta hand it to Mel for writing such a sizeable paragraph on this guy… I really don’t think I could match it without throwing in a lot of unnecessary, superfluous, excessive, redundant, unwarranted adjectives.

Cersei Lannister:

Mel: In the beginning of the show, when she was power behind the throne for her husband King Robert Baratheon and later her son Joffrey, I saw the incredibly ambitious and strong Cersei as a top contender for the Iron Throne. Despite her incestuous relationship with Jaime (sorry, had to mention it) she appeared to have a strong grasp on the reality of how Westeros functioned and seemed to make decisions with an objective mind. However with the loss of Jaime’s credibility and Joffrey’s absolute incapacity as King, she is starting to lose her objective grasp on politics and is entirely wrapped up in the turmoil of her family.  On top of that she is fatally preoccupied with avoiding her own fall from grace, as any ambitious, romantic as herself would be.  Cersei is most definitely on the show for the long run, and although I hate to say it, I don’t expect her to meet her own lofty expectations of becoming Queen or to even uphold her currently strong reputation.

Mac: I for one really like Cersei and enjoy watching as she deftly maneuvers through multiple intricate political webs spun by her adversaries. If not for her occasional vindictiveness and lack of focus with regards to diplomacy, I would write her off as a shoo in for season seven. With the advent of the powerful and crafty Tyrells however, it will be a challenge for Cersei to remain relevant in King’s Landing. To make matters worse, Margaery Tyrell seems already to be positioning herself to strike at the Queen mother at the first sign of weakness. To make matters EVEN worse (you know it’s bad if I have to use the same sentence structure twice in a row), Cersei’s own family has all but explicitly turned against her. If Cersei can, despite her shortcomings, power through this long rough patch, I think she will make it out of the Game with not just her life but also the ultimate prize: power.

— M&M, Westeros Correspondents

(The Students Formerly Known as Melanie Bow and Mac Zech, School News and World News Editors)

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