Prama is in the Air

Well, it looks like Prama came early this year! Boys have been scrambling around non-stop searching for dates since the day we got back from Spring Break. It’s only early April and girls have been suffering through blood, sweat, and tears in a frantic hunt for the perfect gown for weeks. Odds are, while teachers are giving lessons, girls will be giving at least 50% of their attention to the various shopping site tabs on their computers in a rush to find their dress before another vicious shopper snatches it.

The Facebook group titled “SLS Prom Dresses 2013,” which currently includes 66 members, puts the pressure on those still searching for a dress. There is an abundance of dress styles seen within this group. Fortunately, the girls of St. Luke’s rarely fall into the trap of desperately bedazzled mermaid dresses. The store that seems to be gaining the most out of SLS girls’ dress shopping sprees this year is BCBG (designed by Max Azria). Dresses in all shapes, sizes and colors are shipped from door to door. The girls are wiping out the store’s merchandise, ordering between five and ten dresses at a time to find a flawless look.prom

About a week prior to Prom night, be sure to prepare yourselves for the “Oompa Loompa” invasion. With spray tans and tinted lotion galore, many girls attempt to recreate that “fresh off the island” look. People of New Canaan should try to avoid driving down Elm Street the morning of May 17th, in case traffic is stopped due to a crowd of girls trying to push their way into Benefit for their makeovers. BEWARE: you may not recognize your date (or daughter) when the stylists are through with her. After all this preparation is through, the couples will make their way to different houses for what is known as a “Pre-Prom.” All of this chaos for one night of standing around in lines to have your photo taken by 25 soccer-moms who you don’t even know.

All jokes aside, Prom night will be one of the things you remember most about high school (except for rowers, who happen to miss it almost every year). Whether you rip your dress with your 6-inch heels, or you slow dance with the man of your dreams, it will be a night to remember! Who knows, you may even discover that someone (Doug Butman perhaps?) really knows how to bust a move on the dance floor.

Among all of this commotion, the students may not realize that the end of the school year is quickly sneaking up on them. Prama is a great distraction from the stress of school work, and gives everyone something to look forward to.

Meagan Maguire and Maddie Jodka, Staff Writers

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