Streaming Lunch and Leads Online

What is the new exciting news on the Hilltop? The Center for Leadership (CFL) is now streaming its Lunch and Leads online! The Lunch and Lead program has been a resounding success due to its masterful combination of pizza and drinks with entertaining and inspiring speakers. By streaming the Lunch and Leads online, St. Luke’s will be able to promote the CFL, but also, and perhaps more importantly, share its speakers with a broader audience.

To find out more about this new development, the Sentinel sat down and interviewed Jim Foley, the Director of Center for Leadership.

Sentinel: Why are we streaming the Lunch and Leads online?

Jim Foley: I think the main reason is that lots of people expressed an interest in seeing these speakers, so the demand is there. There is also the simple fact that we can. About a month ago, Google turned on Google Plus for all the students and faculty, so now we have the ability to stream and capture it to YouTube. This is becoming increasingly popular. From a more selfish standpoint, as a school, and as a new institution, it’s good to get the word out there about the CFL.

Bob Lord, whose Lunch and Lead was successfully streamed online

S: Does this idea of streaming school events online only apply to the Lunch and Leads, for now, or are there other plans?

JF: The idea is that there are these built-in links for audio and video for the Global Classroom, the Fireplace Commons, and the Seldin Performing Arts Center, so all three can send and receive feeds to and from each other. In theory we could broadcast from any of these locations. That could mean streaming meditations, streaming coffee houses, or other SLS events.

S: How might this change the Lunch and Lead experience?

JF: This might potentially make the Lunch and Lead experience even more worthwhile to more people. The mission of the CFL is to help every student find his or her voice and make a difference. Personally I believe that this means not only every SLS student, but also every student everywhere. We could interact with our partner schools in Argentina, France, China, South Africa, and Botswana. If we think something is worthwhile here for our students, then by extension I think that means that it could be worthwhile for other students.

Khush Dhaliwal, Staff Writer

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