Fashion Icon of the Week: Charlotte Robinson

For this week most fashionable we selected the lovely and talented Charlotte Robinson. Charlotte is not just any typical fashionista because not only does she have an amazing taste in clothing but she also designs and sews her very own clothing!

The Sentinel: How did you start designing and making clothing?

Charlotte Robinson: I really always loved fashion and actually it started after I made my dress for [eighth grade] graduation, which was the first thing I made. I followed a pattern and made the dress, and that’s how I really got into sewing. Later, I signed up for a design class where the instructor is a teacher at FIT [the Fashion Institute of Technology] and she also helps run fashion week and all that stuff. She really helps me. She taught me how to do illustrations and then how to create a pattern.

S: Why did you start making your own clothing? Just because you loved it?

CR: Yes, I’ve always loved putting outfits together.

Charlotte’s design for her Homecoming dress, and the finished product.

S: What do you do in your fashion classes?

CR: The idea is to create a bunch of different collections so later on I can make a portfolio out of them to show someone interested in buying my designs or use it for a college application. So what we do is the teacher has different projects, and right now the project is to make a collection incorporating denim into each piece. So basically we just create a bunch of different collections, like I did a swimsuit one and next were doing a perfume/jewelry project, where you take a perfume bottle and design a dress inspired by it.

S: We heard that you made your own homecoming dress. How did you do it?!

CR: I created the dress by taking my own measurements and then designing a pattern around it. Once I created the pattern, I went out and got all the materials and fabrics, then cut and sewed the dress together!

S: What are your inspirations for designing your clothes?

CR: I really like nautical themed clothes and jewelry. Sometimes I just look through magazines or tear sheets to get ideas. I also get inspiration from certain designers like, Chanel, Louis Vuitton (I love their bags), Prada and many more. But Chanel is my all time favorite! Also I love Millie Design. She makes a bunch of different fabrics; I used her fabrics for both my graduation and homecoming dresses.

S: Do you have labels for your clothing?

CR: Yes! For Christmas last year my brother had specially made, from France, these woven labels that go on all the clothes I make now and it has a pink palm tree on it and says, “designed by Charlotte Robinson.”

S: How would you describe your style?

CR: I would describe my style as maybe clean and preppy.

S: Later on in life, do you want to go to college for design or peruse a career in it?

CR: Yes! I want to go to a normal college and do an art program there. The thing is though, there are so many different things you can do in the fashion world, but I’m not sure if I would want to be a designer or help out within other areas like a fashion magazine or on a runway because I just love all of it right now!

 — Fiona Scanlon-Black, Gracie Jones and Anna Newman, Staff Writers

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