SLS Students Visit the Aldrich Museum

Last week, St. Luke’s teachers Ms. Cole and Ms. Yankura escorted their advanced Upper School art classes to the “united states” exhibit at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield. This particular show will remain at the Aldrich through February. The Aldrich is a contemporary operation whose aim is to feature and promote innovative work and therefore constantly updates its exhibits. The “united states” exhibit was driven by a dual theme: works featuring the States themselves and harmonious unions between separate entities. The theme is used to help the viewer see our country in a new, more unified light, something that has become hard to do after a particularly partisan presidential election.

The exterior of the Aldrich.

True to the Aldrich’s core values, the exhibit contains a wide range of non-traditional media that serves to peak the viewer’s interest and provoke deep thought. The lobby of the museum introduces the exhibit with sculpture and textile pieces taking up residence on and against the walls. Off to the side, the pieces draw no attention to themselves; even their color scheme keeps with the calm, inscrutable white of the building. This encourages viewers to pay close attention and to deeply consider all of their surroundings. It also causes one’s eye to be drawn to the room off of the lobby, containing Erik Parker’s addition to the exhibit. Entitled Too Mad to be Scared, Parker’s vibrantly colored abstract works, several of which are re-imagined U.S. maps, demand attention and provide a strong contrast to the distinctly minimalist front room introduction.

In addition to these “traditional” artistic mediums, the exhibit contains such things as audio-visual presentations involving sign language and live-action role-playing, and an interactive sculpture making a plea for cooperation. The breadth of the exhibit adds a new dimension to the individual pieces. In effect, it has the artworks work together to put across the exhibit’s intended message, which is one of unity between different ideas and viewpoints. The “united states” exhibit is fascinating and engaging and it is well worth making the trip to Ridgefield before the show closes on Feb. 24th, even for those who are not typically interested in art museums.

Maria Juran, Staff Writer

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