Fashion Icon of the Week

To kick off our new column for the Sentinel, we selected choir director, Mr. Dale Griffa, to be our first featured fashion icon.


The Sentinel: How do you define your style?

Mr. Griffa: I don’t know… I just know what I like.

S: What is your favorite article of clothing?

DG: I love these sport coats [referring to the one he is sporting in the picture], they don’t carry them in the states, so I buy them when I travel to London for the holidays.

S: What is your go-to outfit?

DG: Sports coats and slacks.

S: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

DG: Not that long, since I don’t have to do much with my hair. From wake-up to leaving the house, it’s about 40 minutes.

S: What are some tips you would recommend to a non-fashionable person?

DG: Look for what you would like to wear, not what other people wear. What might look good on someone else, might not look good on you.

—  Anna Newman, Gracie Jones and Fiona Scanlon-Black, Staff Writers

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