The Show Must Go On: Dracula Haunts the SLS Stage

Centuries before Edward Cullen stole the hearts (and blood) of love-struck teens worldwide, Dracula had already begun to stake his claim(pun always intended) as literature’s original sexy vampire. For centuries, Bram Stoker’s gothic horror novel has captivated the minds of readers and inspired numerous film and stage adaptations. And now, amidst the hubbub of the worldwide vampire phenomenon, it seems the perfect time for St Luke’s to give this classic a shot.

Liza Epprecht ’14, Mac Zech ’14, and Clare Livingston ’14

Despite the pain in the neck of many canceled rehearsals, the cast and crew of Dracula have been working tirelessly to make sure the show is in top shape for this Friday’s performance. Lexi Zargar ‘13 who plays Renfield in the play says, “We’ve worked really hard. Even though we lost over 10 hours of rehearsal due to Sandy, we’ve made Dracula one of the best shows St Luke’s will probably ever stage, and it’s very worth seeing.” It can be said with confidence that the cast of Dracula certainly did not bite off more than it could chew!

One element of Dracula that is unique is that it stars students from each class in the high school. No matter if you are a freshman or senior you are sure to see someone in your grade get attacked by a vampire Friday or Saturday night. While everyone knows the lead character of this play, few really know the intricate details of the plot and the other substantial roles. Without giving the story away too much, it focuses on the lives of Mina and Lucy (played by Liza Epprecht and Clare Livingston, both ‘14) who mysteriously fall ill; as well as John Seward (Austin Howe ‘16), a doctor trying to figure out the psyche of a madwoman, Renfield (Zargar).  Of course, there is also Count Dracula himself, played by Mac Zech ‘14, also known as “Macula”.

So even if you think you know everything there is to know about vampires because you watched the last episode of “True Blood” or “Vampire Diaries,” think again. You cannot be considered the ultimate vampire connoisseur until you have sunk your teeth into the St Luke’s performance of Dracula.

Come out and support the cast and crew who have worked especially hard to put on this show in time for Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. If you don’t… it will come back to bite you!

— Melanie Bow, School News Editor

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