Breaking News: Friday’s Instant-Coffee House

In keeping with the event’s usual unembellished aesthetic, this Friday’s Coffeehouse comes without fanfare–no official sign-up sheet, no requisite Town Meeting announcement, no posters plastered all around the school. Official Co-MC Lexi Zargar ‘13 wants to assure Coffeehouse addicts that this particular occasion won’t be a decaffeinated calamity: “Sandy had everyone all watered down, and Tommy and I thought we could perk up the SLS community with a little bit of finely-ground Coffeehouse.” Her point is well-taken: nothing has the capacity to revitalize a group of students and faculty quite like music, dance, and poetry (and all the other wacky things you kids are planning on performing). These festivities will be happening during Upper School Lunch in the Old Student Commons Area*. Contact Lexi Zargar or Tommy Champion for more information.

Kamau Burton ’13, a Coffeehouse mainstay

Alex Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

*Thanks to our top-secret source, Mr. F., for informing us of the updated location.

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