“What the Hay?”: Hay Ball Comes to SLS

On October 25th, the St. Luke’s population was buzzing about a rather peculiar display down at the Art House. It turns out renowned artist Michael Shaughnessy had come to pay us a visit- with a gigantic ball of hay strapped to the top of his car.

Artist Michael Shaugnessy, and his Hay Ball

Mr. Shaughnessy’s medium is hay and he describes his hay ball as existing in a grey area of classification, between art and object. For the past eight weeks, Mr. Shaughnessy has been traveling around the country with his ball of hay on top of his car. Starting in Maine, he drove through the upper Midwest, to the Midwest, through the Southwest, the Northwest, and stopped by St. Luke’s on his way home. Mr. Shaughnessy says he was inspired to take the trip after reading Travels by Charlie by John Steinbeck. He wanted to “meet” America and take a serendipitous trip with no set destination.

Mr. Shaughnessy, having decided that “we don’t wonder enough,” decided that he wanted to inspire wonder and curiosity across America with his ball of hay. All in all, the artist has hit about 30-40 states, staying with friends along the way. Armed with only a road map and his hay, Mr. Shaughnessy has enjoyed adventure after adventure.

Students at St. Luke’s couldn’t get enough of the hay ball, which only took two days to construct. All day people wandered down to see it and Mr. Shaughnessy even let the young ones get on top of the car with the hay ball to trim it. He truly loves that ball of hay and we are grateful we had the opportunity to see it.

Like Mr. Shaughnessy’s Facebook page to keep yourself updated on the hay ball!

Ann Abbott Freeman, Staff Writer

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