Fireside Chat with Robert Powis ’14

As some of you may know, the NHL’s 2012-2013 season is in a lockout due to the failure to sign the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and owners. Hockey fans are enraged everywhere, as for the time being there will be no fights, no playoff beards, and the Lord Stanley Cup will not be hoisted. The lockout particularly affects St. Luke’s student Robert Powis ’14, who lives and breathes hockey. Toronto Maple Leafs posters drape the walls of his bedroom, while Sidney Crosby, the star Pittsburgh Penguins forward, memorabilia is scattered around his house. The Sentinel sat down with the enthusiastic Canadian to find out how he feels about the NHL lockout and how his love for the game began.

Sentinel: First off, do you believe there will be a 2012-2013 NHL season?

Robert: Yes, I do believe the season will happen. Both sides will eventually realize how much money they are losing. The NHL has already lost 250 million dollars by missing the preseason and first few games and it can’t afford to lose any more money.

S: How much does hockey play a role in your life?

R: During the season it is the main reason why I get up in the morning. I would say two-thirds of the things in my room have something to do with the NHL. I

Robert Powis in his native clothes.

have an NHL hat from every city I’ve been to that has an NHL team. I typically spend an hour a day on, finding out more about the game I love.

S: When did you first fall in love with hockey?

R: I first started playing hockey when I was five years old and cried everyday because my dad signed me up for the six year old league. All the kids were all bigger (if you can believe that) and stronger skaters than I was. However, once I gave the sport some time I realized how great it was.

S: How are you coping without an NHL season?

R: I typically cry myself to sleep every night. I find I have nothing to watch after I finish my homework. There is no staying up late to see the Rangers win in overtime.

S: Have you had to pick up other interests in order to make up for hockey?

R: I’ve gotten interested in long distance women’s running and the WNBA.

S: How do you feel St. Luke’s own hockey team, will fair this year?

R: Better than it has in the past. The players have gotten older and rival teams have lost their best players. I like what I see from Coach Gammill. He has really grown and developed the team.

S: Are you pleased with the rising interest in hockey here on the Hilltop?

R: Yes, every once in a while I hear chatter in the hallways about the NHL. I think this started last year when the Rangers had a very good season. The success of the Rangers definitely brought some attention to hockey in Fairfield County.

S: How many hockey stadiums have you been to?

R: I have been to eight different arenas including the Rangers, Devils, and Red Wings. My favorite by far was the Vancouver Canucks because of the spirit in the crowd.

S: What was your favorite game you ever witnessed in person?

R: I would say the Canada vs. USA game in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It was the game where Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal to bring home the gold for Canada.

S: It’s been rumored you are an amazing street hockey player. Do you have any comments on that?

R: You can tell by the dents in my garage door that I play a ton. It would be awesome if we could get some students to play street hockey after school. I have perfected the slap shot in my garage, while also breaking a few lights.

Well, we will see if Robert’s prediction of an end to the lockout is true. While the NHL remains locked out, students are urged to support the St. Luke’s Varsity Hockey team, whose season begins within a month. In the meantime, Robert and hockey fans everywhere will continue to pray that the NHL and its fights, big hits, and thrilling goals will resume shortly.

– Ben Decatur, Sports Editor


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