Behind the Scenes at WSLX

For those of you who don’t know, 91.9 WSLX has grown in popularity here on the Hilltop over the past few years. St. Luke’s student Ian Corbet ’14 describes the radio station as “an afternoon delight.” Drew Lord ‘14 also chimed in, “It’s the first thing I listen to in the morning and the last thing I listen to before I go to sleep.” Clearly, WSLX,

The WSLX “wonder team”: Justin Hart ’14 and Tyler Brandt ’15

 led by Justin Hart ’14, Tyler Brandt ’15, and Mr. Kress, is hitting the FM waves with form and class. Sports banter, country music, pop hits, and everything in between are pleasing to the St. Luke’s community’s ears and replacing Z100 and 106.1 BLI as the students’ favorite radio station. The Sentinel sat down with Justin Hart, Tyler Brandt, and the mysterious Cassidy Culpepper to find out what goes on behind the scenes of WSLX.

Sentinel: So, Justin, what is your favorite music to play?

Justin Hart: We play whatever we are in the mood for. A lot of rock and roll but we do take suggestions from students, teachers, and faculty.  

Sentinel: Tyler, what St. Luke’s team is your favorite to commentate?

Tyler Brandt: So far I have commentated one game, the football homecoming game. Hopefully, I will be providing some basketball commentary this season. Football is probably the most fun to commentate. Basketball is harder because it’s faster.

S: Justin, If you could interview anyone on air, whom would you choose?

JH: I would say Robert Powis ’14 because he tells riveting stories.

S: Tyler, how often do you have guests on air? And is it encouraged?

TB: We normally have guests everyday but it depends on who wants to come on. I would say we typically have three guests a day.  

S: How do you feel you compare with other radio stations such as Z100?

TB: 91.9 WSLX is better than every other station. If you think about it is the most listened to radio station on the Hilltop.

S: Who or what is Cassidy Culpepper?

JH: Cassidy is whomever he, she, or it wants. I like to say the name when I’m on air.

S: Tyler, you and Justin have been called the “wonder team.” Do you agree with that statement?

TB: We haven’t been together for long this is our first season together. It’s a bit early but we do appreciate the support.

S: Who do you think is the better co-host?

TB: No comment.

Despite the great answers to most of our questions, we still left the broadcasting room perplexed and frustrated, lacking information about the elusive Cassidy Culpepper. All we know about this mysterious character is that he produces “audible chocolate” on air. To find out more about Cassidy, Justin, Tyler, Mr. Kress and all things St. Luke’s, tune in mornings and afternoons to 91.9 WSLX.

— Ben Decatur, Sports Editor, & Will Bloomer, Staff Writer

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