Interview with Ms. DiFabio

If you are one of the many athletes that can be found in the trainer’s room getting ready for games, getting taped, or icing multiple  injuries–even if you are just a student that constantly finds themselves in Miss Anna’s office due to the carefree atmosphere–you probably have seen the friendly face of the new trainer, Melissa DiFabio.

Ms. DiFabio in the Athletic Centre.

Ms. DiFabio, who came straight to St. Luke’s from Boston University, can explain what attracted her to the field: “I knew I always wanted to do something in the medical field, but didn’t really see myself ever going to medical school. ” She explains she knew she wanted to get involved in physical therapy when she tore her ACL in high school. “I went to physical therapy for the first time and thought it would be the perfect, coolest job ever, so I applied to schools with physical therapy programs.” Ms. DiFabio says she applied to schools with athletic training programs as well, though less experienced in that area. After some time at Boston University, she realized physical therapy wasn’t for her and that athletic training was what she was really interested in.

After graduating, Ms. DiFabio came to St. Luke’s as one of the new trainers. She says she fell in love with the school because she loved the idea of working with middle and high school kids; it seemed like everything she loved about working. “When I interviewed, saw the campus, and met everyone in the athletics department my thoughts were confirmed,” she says.

When not diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating injuries as well as attending almost every athletic game and practice, Ms. DiFabio can be found doing the usual: eating, sleeping and hanging out with friends. She also professes to loving running, watching TV and shopping in her free time.

I know we all can’t wait to continue to see the always-smiling face of Ms. DiFabio on the hilltop. When asked about any plans for the future she stated, “I absolutely love what I do now and think I would love to be the head athletic trainer at some school, somewhere, someday.” Hopefully, we will have a few more years with our new enthusiastic and inspired trainer.

— Jessy Quindlen, Staff Writer

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