Meet the New Teachers: Mr. Wieland

From the expansive vistas of Colorado to the teeming and cosmopolitan cities of Asia and Europe, Craig “Ty” Wieland, St. Luke’s newest fifth grade teacher, has journeyed through many exotic locales. The one common thread through his far-flung travels has been his love of teaching, a profession to which he has devoted himself for the past 11 years.

While abroad, Mr. Wieland honed a global perspective in the classrooms of countries like South Korea, Japan, and Italy. In South Korea, his first place of employment beyond Colorado, he was accorded a level of respect perhaps alien to St. Luke’s students, as his students had been brought up to believe that greeting an adult with anything than a bow was disrespectful. Japan, Korea’s geographical neighbor and Mr. Wieland’s next stop, was a very hospitable and pleasant society. In addition to traveling across Asia, Mr. Wieland also has traversed much of Europe, including Italy and Ireland. The Irish in particular demonstrated the gift of gab with stories about the Giant’s Causeway and “the role of tractors in matchmaking.”

Mr. Wieland, terrifying his Fifth Grade students with the prospect of numbers

Mr. Wieland is much more than a seasoned traveler. Indeed, his worldwide voyages have shaped him as a teacher in that he has a deep knowledge pertaining to the acquisition of language. Moreover, his perspicacity is not limited to international settings. He has acquired some of his most beneficial teaching skills on American soil at a magnet school for gifted and talented Denver students. The magnet school provided an exclusive insight about how to engage all learners.

At St. Luke’s, Mr. Wieland’s foremost ambition as a teacher is to instill a passion for reading and writing in his students. He hopes to achieve these goals in many ways. First, Mr. Wieland shares with students his reasons and enthusiasm for reading, pausing frequently to highlight especially beautiful language and animating his “read alouds” by reading in-character. Second, as Mr. Wieland notes: “I like to share stories of my experiences that have caused me to make connections to something I’ve learned. I want my students to see that I’m a lifelong learner and that I practice what I teach.” Third, as a result of his travels, Mr. Wieland intends to connect his current students with fifth grade students in Italy. Furthermore, Mr. Wieland has a multitude of plans in store for his fortunate students including flipped classrooms.

Mr. Wieland appears to be a perfect fit for the St. Luke’s community given that a core value of its mission statement is to inculcate in its students a global consciousness. Welcome to the St. Luke’s community, Mr. Wieland!

– Colette Juran, Middle School Correspondent

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