Movie Review: “Pitch Perfect”

“The Bellas”

Every once in a while a film comes along that drastically changes the way we perceive our lives, our choices, even our very existence. Thank God I didn’t have to see a movie like that.

Junior year makes me depressed enough, and I don’t need another existential crisis in my life. Instead I decided to see Pitch Perfect, a film that promised to modernize the idea of a musical film in a way that would appeal to underaged Glee-fanatics as well as those nostalgics who still remember the first time they saw Singing in the Rain.

Although it can be argued (probably by some disgruntled critic who accidentally spilled all his Swedish Fish before it even started) that the movie did not achieve this goal, the film was still charming, filled with witty one-liners and uplifting hit-or-miss musical numbers, all of which provided backdrop to a predictable college love story.

Needless to say, I fell in love with it. Not only was the movie a hilarious dramatization of a grueling intercollegiate a cappella competition and the clubs that are involved, but it is also an allegory for the changing styles of music and youth culture in today’s society.

The heroines of the film are members of the underdog female group, the Bellas. They are portrayed by, among others, the beautiful Anna Kendrick, and the so-funny-you-knock-over-the-box-of-Swedish-Fish-the-guy-sitting-next-to-you-is-eating Rebel Wilson, both of whom sung far better than I expected. They are in constant clash with the all-male a cappella group, the Treble Makers, including Workaholics’ Adam DeVine and the dreamy Skylar Astin, who plays Kendrick’s character’s love interest.

The star-studded cast is not the only thing that makes this movie “aca-mazing.” The musical choices alone were excellent. In addition, the performances were enough to compel the audience to get up and sing along. (Of particular note was the performance of “When I’m Gone,” which was performed by Kendrick, during which she used only an empty cup to provide a back-beat.)

Along with the twelve to fourteen-year old girls who made up the audience, I found myself swooning upon hearing Astin’s solos and cheering on the Bellas during their “Riff Off” mash-up battle with the Treble Makers (we’d love to tell you the names of the titles, but this is a PG-rated newspaper).

For these reasons and for so many more unmentioned (what the hey, I’ll mention them now: awesome cameos by Elizabeth Banks and Donald Falson; hilarious supporting characters; the chance to hear your favorite songs being remixed in an inventive way; Rebel Wilson, Rebel Wilson and Rebel Wilson), you should exit out of this article immediately and go buy a ticket to watch this phenomenon.

— Ian Corbet, Just 4 Fun Correspondent

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