Meet the New Teachers: Dr. Warner

The new Physics teacher Dr. Warner in his natural habitat

Students have embraced the arrival of Dr. Jason Warner. He may not be coaching the fencing team to glory, but his sense of humor and football analogies will certainly make up for that. Having taught Physics classes at Columbia, Dr. Warner is not daunted by the challenge of teaching high school. The Sentinel sat down with the lighthearted Texan to hear why he chose St. Luke’s. And what we found might be surprising.

Growing up in Corpus Christi, the 8th largest city in Texas, and attending Texas A&M as an undergraduate student, Dr. Warner is more familiar with the vast expanses of the Southwest. However, he became accustomed with the Northeast when he attended Grad School at Columbia University. At first, he says, the change of scene from a huge school in a small town to a small school in a big city wasn’t easy–for instance, it took a while to get used to walking and using subways. When asked about the biggest difference between Texas and the Northeast, Dr. Warner responded, “The weather is cooler and there are hills everywhere!”

When not teaching in the Clab, the new Physics teacher will be coaching 5/6th grade football, basketball, and baseball. A sports enthusiast, Dr. Warner follows Texas A&M athletics, the Mets, Giants, and Jets. He also likes to hit the links, as golf has become his new favorite hobby. When not trying to save his par, Dr. Warner likes to play the guitar and write songs. Despite his Texas credentials, Dr. Warner is not the biggest country music fan; when asked whether he liked country, he humorously responded, “Who does?”

The former Aggie says he chose St. Luke’s because of the warm and welcoming faculty, the pleasant student body, and the sense of community. Dr. Warner seems thrilled about his first few weeks here at the hilltop. “So far, I’m extremely happy that I made the decision to come to St. Luke’s,” he says, “It’s great to spend my weekdays surrounded by youth, energy, and so much talent.” Despite his distaste for country music, it’s likely that Dr. Warner will happily “walk the line” at SLS.

— Ben Decatur, Sports Editor

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