Volleyball Spikes Hopkins!

The SLS Varsity Volleyball team warms up

Zoe Smock, Lauren LaBanca, and Emma Rushton may have parted from the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team last year, but the team rebounded with a strong win Wednesday. For the first time in Storm history, the girls defeated Hopkins in a 3-2 thriller.

After a shaky start, losing the first set 22-25, the Storm rallied with stellar serves from both Sasha Clark ‘14 and Lauren Britt ‘15, as well as outstanding defensive efforts from Christie Santoro ‘13 and Marissa Ruschil ‘15. Riley Vaske ‘14 also came up big on the right side with a record-setting seven spikes, helping the Storm achieve a riveting victory.

Captain Sarah Donovan ‘13 hinted that their victory came with improved communication and a standout performance from sophomore Lauren Britt. Donovan was enthusiastic about Britt’s play: “Lauren had amazing serves and we are all so happy with her performance.”

Sasha Clark agreed. “She was really amazing and boosted our confidence throughout the entire game.”

In addition to celebrating individual standout performances, the team agreed that this game provided the Storm with much-needed confidence in order to move forward through the rest of the season.

“We know what we need to work on and we all have so much more trust in each other,” Clark added. “I’m so excited for the rest of the season.”

Assistant Coach Ms. Goldschmidt strongly stressed her satisfaction with the volleyball program in general. She asserted that the win against Hopkins is indicative of the improvement in the program over the past few years. “The St. Luke’s volleyball program has been growing steadily over the years,” she added. “We are now a full-fledged varsity program.”

Moreover, this is the first year in St. Luke’s history that the program has had a Junior Varsity team. The inaugural season for the JV team demonstrates the growing interest in volleyball in the St. Luke’s community. With a team dedicated to preparing kids for the varsity level, Goldschmidt agrees that the program can only get better.

The whole team seemed very hopeful about the rest of the season, especially Sarah Donovan, who commented that “we will have more confidence going into the next few games.”

The team hopes to continue to improve, working on important aspects of the game such as communication techniques and other skill work. Christie Santoro expressed interest in the progress of the new players, telling the Sentinel, “I’m very curious as to how how our new players will do in the upcoming games and about how much more we can improve.” Santoro, along with other players, was resolute when discussing fans attending their games: “I know volleyball can sometimes get overshadowed by the other fall sports, but we need a supportive fan-base too!”

When asked to describe the girls’ performance, Coach Goldschmidt simply replied with one word: “dominating.” So Storm fans, come out to the next Girls’ Varsity Volleyball home game on September 20th against King and give the team all the support you can. It looks like it will be a dominating year!

— Drew Lord and William Twomey, Staff Writers

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