Meet the New Teachers: Ms. Creeden

Ms. Creeden, your new favorite English Teaching Fellow

This school year St. Luke’s welcomes an English Teaching Fellow to the Middle School faculty, Ms. Emma Creeden.  Ms. Creeden, a Massachusetts native, spent her college years at Colby, earning her degree in 2012.  As an English major, she enjoyed subjects like Shakespeare in Popular Culture and American Short Stories; she also minored in education.

Ms. Creeden’s zeal for literature can be partially traced to her own educational experiences.  She readily affirms that the qualities she admired most in her favorite teachers were the “ability to be loud and energetic, to create an uptempo classroom environment, and to  set and maintain high expectations for [the] students.”

Indeed, Ms. Creeden has already applied these ideals in various settings while also embodying a strong service ethos.  Due to her unique and enlightening summer experience as a camp counselor exclusively for children with mental and physical disabilities, Ms. Creeden is primed to lead any classroom environment. Her main obligation was not purely as an aide, but also orchestrating a remarkable summer experience for the children.  For example, she engaged them in both theatre and wind surfing.

In addition, Ms. Creeden is passionate in both her personal and her professional life: she enjoys participating in various sports such as lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball. Board games are a particular favorite for her and provide yet another opportunity to assert her competitive spirit.

And by the way, she loves Crown Victorias, particularly old ones.

St. Luke’s seventh grade students can expect not only to focus on “critical thinking, developing writing skills, and discerning context in literature,” but also to be immersed in an energetic learning atmosphere.

Welcome to St. Luke’s, Ms. Creeden!

— Colette Juran, Middle School Correspondent 

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