Maker Faire: Welcome to the 22nd Century

Whether you want to see interactive robots, 3-D printers, Coke and Mentos, or life size mouse traps, the time you’ve waited for has finally come.  All these oddities, and more, will be on display at the “greatest show (and tell) on Earth,” the World Maker Faire 2012. The Faire is a place where you can both showcase your talents and learn about other people who love to build thing and, inevitably, take them apart. As Augie Barringer ‘15 explains: “the Maker Faire is a spectacular gathering of technology and science from all around the world.” 

Booths will be set up by both companies and hobbyists looking to show off their new technology and inventions. The event will be a collection of “Makers,” hackers, programmers, artists, and engineers from around the world. The highlights of the show will include the history and refinement of the 3-D printer as well as the development of the revolutionary new open source hardware system, Arduino.

The Arduino chip is a groundbreaking technology made famous by its display at last year’s Maker Faire: Bay Area, when two “Makers,” Kimmo and Tero Karvinen, created a mind-controlled robot at their booth. The chip is the first of its kind and is programmable via any USB port and the Internet. Users program the chip and can post commands on any free online forum.  From there, new Arduino users wishing to program a robot can go to the forums, copy and paste the algorithms, and then plug the chip into their robots.

Also at the convention will be cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Many companies have been experimenting with this revolutionary concept. Imagine being able to print something off of the Internet in three dimensions! In laboratories (and in the SLS Science office) today, it is possible to “build” a 3D model on your computer and to then “print” it using a combination of powder and a secret recipe of resin.

This annual event is supported by Make Magazine. According to their promotional material, Make is a magazine that “celebrates your right to tweak, hack and bend any technology to your own will.”

Maker Faire runs on Saturday September 29 from 10am-7pm and Sunday September 30 from 10am-6pm at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. The expo will include over five-hundred “Maker” exhibits from people from all over the world ready to showcase their astonishing inventions and to prove that they have what it takes to change the world.

Alex Levy, Staff Writer

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