Camps, College, and Community Service: Class Trips 2012

The sophomore class works on building a raft

Once those three glorious, liberating months we call vacation begin to fade away triumphantly into the realm of past summers, we as St. Luke’s Students know exactly what we are in for upon return. That’s right: the famed, the legendary…class trips! The grades now stand divided between those who have meticulously planned their outfits before the permission slips were even due and those who dramatically roll their eyes at any mention of the words “class” and “bonding.” Despite these differences, members of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes must come together in the beginning of September ready to embrace whatever comes their way and get ready to make the most of their year.

The freshmen this year stayed on campus and spent the day engaging in different field games and team bonding exercises. Though the students soon learned that building a tower out of straws with their peers can be quite difficult, it seems the class as a whole got a lot out of it. Dividing the day into time outside, time in the gym and time for mingling with classmates, it gave the freshman class (which has a notoriously ample amount new students) a chance to get to know each other and meet new people.

Similar to last year, the sophomore class made the trip up to camp in Greenly, PA for 2 days of good, old fashion “I’m-stuck-in-the-woods-with-my-grade” fun! The activities ranged from building go-karts to rock climbing to ropes courses and even making rafts. Spirits were high as members of the tight-knit class found themselves reunited at last and got ready to take on the new year (and finally give up abdicate their position as the youngest members of the high school).

If all the talk of SATs, ACTs, grades, extra-curriculars and community service from the end of last year did not indicate to us juniors that we have quite an important year ahead of us, hopefully our college-visiting trip to Boston got the message across. Over the course of three days the class visited Trinity, Northeastern, Tufts, Harvard and Boston College; each student found something interesting and appealing about each one. The trip was not all work and no play, though: the juniors got to experience “typical” Bostonian activities such as trying to find Matt Damon in a sea of people walking around Quincy Market and eating at a novelty Cheers-themed restaurant.

The senior class greeted their final year of SLS with enthusiasm and anticipation while volunteering at Inspirica (formerly St. Luke’s LifeWorks), a homeless shelter in Stamford.  The class was divided into one group that cleaned out a pool, another that re-painted a gym and one responsible for cleaning and rearranging classrooms in preparation for the new school year. The next day, the senior class took a trip to South Norwalk to put their three years of camaraderie to the test with team building exercises.  The highlights were ropes courses, rock climbing, and, as Sheetal Akole ‘13 says, “I think everyone would agree that Dodgeball was the best part of the day!”

With the ice thoroughly broken, St. Luke’s students have once again warmed up to the “back to school” mindset, pulled their minds away ever-so-slightly from summer vacation, and can start to look forward to the exciting year that lies ahead.

–Melanie Bow, School News Editor 

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