Avoid the Back to School Blues!

Jack Tekin ’15, Jay Van Elslander ’15, Clay D’Alessandro ’15 celebrate their first week back

Well, it’s that time of year again! Say goodbye to those bright golden rays of sunshine and the feeling of warm sand on bare feet. Adios to the crashing of waves upon the shore and the cawing of seagulls soaring high. That blissful period of idleness that we call summer vacation is evidently at an end. The birds fly south, the lifeless leaves litter forlorn fields, and, according to Meteorologist Weekly, “60° has become the new 70°.” There is nothing we students can do at this point but crack open those textbooks, sharpen those No. 2 pencils, and try to remember the difference between “two,” “too,” and “to”. We here at the Sentinel believe that this transition from summer sun to “school is fun!” is to hard to make alone. So here are some helpful tips from your peers on how best to keep your head above water throughout this coming school year.



Don’t fall behind. Get your work done. It’s the first week. Don’t procrastinate. Use your free periods. Doing simple things makes all the difference.


If you know what your assignments are for the week do them ASAP. That way you can learn what’s coming up and you can avoid that Thursday night crunch.


Stay focused and try to get on good terms with the teachers, they are grading your work after all.


If you have any questions or if you’re ever unsure of what was discussed in class ask the teacher. They are there to help and often eager to answer questions.


For Mr. Bisson, use the word “Golden” all the time and rig the cards. If you rig the cards you’re golden. For Kress, pay attention to “this day in math”, he loves it and so can you.


Watch tons of old movies and cancelled TV shows. That way you can get all of Mr. Schacht’s references.


Try as many activities as possible and get involved with school events and clubs as much as you can. Also, using free periods to get work done can very helpful, especially with a tight sport or activity schedule.


The best advice I got about school in general was from Ally Jaffe a few years ago in her meditation — ice cream is much much much better at keeping you up at night than coffee.

–Mac Zech, World News Editor

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