Red Mango: A Review

If you’ve ever been involved in a conversation regarding New Canaan, you have undoubtedly heard about Red Mango, the new frozen yogurt joint that has every St. Luke’s student talking. Voted #1 in Zagat’s “Best Smoothie/Frozen Yogurt” and “Top Healthy Options within the Quick Refreshment Chains” categories for 2011, Red Mango offers a variety of treats that are sure to take your taste buds on magical journey.

After listening to everyone rave about this alluring new franchise, a group of St. Luke’s students ventured over to Red Mango last weekend to see just what all this hype is about. The eatery offers delicacies such as fresh fruit smoothies and parfaits, but we decided to sample each and every flavor of frozen yogurt instead, as it is Red Mango’s main attraction. Unsurprisingly, no one was left disappointed.

Melanie Bow '14 samples Red Mango's wares

Of course, it is hard to disappoint a group of teenagers with any type of frozen yogurt (or dessert at all) but the consensus was that Red Mango is incredibly “above par” and is sure to please even the harshest critic.  “It’s like tart, and tangy, and sweet. It is nice.” said SLS student Britt Viergever ’13, after sampling many delicious flavors including Original, Chocolate, Coconut, Pomegranate, Cake Batter, and Black Cherry.

Red Mango also offers a wide variety of toppings to enhance your yogurt-eating experience, ranging from cereal to fresh fruit to caramel to Girl Scout cookies.

Most of the toppings were up to our standards, except, in the words of SLS junior Patrick Quinn, “the pineapples seriously decreased the quality of my experience.”  Yet as far as dessert goes, Red Mango is definitely in the category of amazingly and uniquely delicious.

— Lexi Zargar and Melanie Bow, Staff Writers

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