Spring: the Season of Starbucks

The arrival of spring means many things: warm weather, blooming flowers, new baby animals, and of course the launch of seasonal Starbucks drinks.  Gone are the Peppermint Mochas and Gingerbread Lattes of the cold, harsh winter and with their dissaperances Chai Tea Lattes and Iced Macchiatos awake from their long, peaceful hibernation, delicious as ever.

As more and more students get their drivers licenses and the desire to stay on campus at all during the school grows weaker every day, there is a noticeable increase in “Starbucks runs.”  But seriously, we are not at fault.  Who can resist a perfectly brewed, iced masterpiece on an 80 degree day?  Plus many of us students can attest to an increase amount and difficulty of schoolwork, which of course could not be completed without a “venti” size dose of caffeine flowing through our brains.

But, why Starbucks all of the sudden? Since when did a cup of hot coffee from the cafeteria fail to satisfy school-wide caffeine addictions?  Well with the dramatic change in weather, one can’t help but to agree with the coffee philosophy of Junior Britt Viergiver “You’ve got to put ice in everything.”  And that is exactly what our favorite gregarious and chatty baristas at the New Canaan Starbucks do.

Jed Johnson, New Canaan's friendliest and best known barista

“Venti iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso,” is a line these same baristas have hear from me, and if I may point fingers, many other students, at least 8 times in the past  week.  Iced Passion Tea is another favorite; it really is a mystery to me how they make it taste that delicious!  Just today my daily coffee pilgrimage I ordered the new “Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino” for a friend, although it was a difficult decision on my part considering I was asked to buy a Frapppuccino and there are currently 28 different varieties, all of which are perfect for spring.

So dear students, do not fear the overwhelming invasion of absurdly named beverages and oversized green straws.  Embrace the season of allergies, lacrosse related injuries and Starbucks addictions we have come to know as spring.

–Melanie Bow, Staff Writer

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