Speaking In Tongues: World Language Week 2012

This Monday April 30th the St. Luke’s community gets ready to say hello, hola and bonjour to World Language Week.  World Language Week is a long-standing SLS tradition that seems to get better and better each year.

Mrs. Haiwen Ma presents in the Global Classroom

In one change this year the CFL is offering daily Lunch & Leads for World Language Week.   Speakers hope to show students the power of language and open their eyes to the doors that can open in the world of business, service and education to those who speak multiple languages.  Of course World Language Week will be bringing back the classic favorites like karaoke and international dress up day, but this year’s new events  will hopefully set the stage for even more longstanding SLS traditions.

Monday of World Language Week is “Learn a new language day,” where students are encouraged during lunch to visit booths run by  parents, students and faculty members who speak more than one language and are willing to share their knowledge and culture with the community.   Tuesday is “music day” where there will be live and recorded music in the commons.  If the prospect of hearing fellow students test out their falsetto on Shakira is not enough to bring out some participants, maybe Mr. Batoh salsa dancing will be more successful in rallying a crowd!

Wednesday will be the international coffee house, where you can expect tons of our musical talent to be put to use in French and Spanish.  Also, for the first time members of the SLS Dead Poets Society will read international poetry.  International dress up day will be held Thursday; anything from Pele jerseys and The Who T-shirts to Cleopatra costumes are accepted, but a word of advice: the crazier the better!  For the grand finale Friday, St Luke’s will celebrate “Quatro” de Mayo.  Without giving too much away about the electrifying events taking place; I can say I heard something about the “running of the bulls.”

Throughout the week Lunch & Leads will take place in the CFL during the first and second halves of the double periods.  Teachers are encouraged to let students attend as there will be many interesting perspectives and stories to hear about how speaking multiple languages can change lives for the better.

In another new addition to World Language Week, international films will be shown Monday through Thursday at 6:30 in the Commons, after school and athletics.  Countries represented in the film festival include China, France, and Argentina, and the week will even feature a Latin-related film.  To make the film festival even better, food from the represented country will be served each night; so fans of noodles, crepes and chips and salsa should come join the party!

World Language Week has become a staple of spring at St Luke’s.  With international activities, food and music every day it is something every student can look forward to for a change of pace and a chance to experience something new.  This year more than ever, it seems like World Language Week will bring out the linguist in all of us.

-Melanie Bow, Staff Writer

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