A Homecoming Spring-Loaded with Fun

Morgan Simmonds '14 shows off his form

Although the close of the 2011-2012 school year is rapidly approaching, St. Luke’s has succeeded in maintaining its history of providing its community perpetual excitement by hosting not only an “Evening of the Arts,” but also a “Spring Homecoming.” Last Saturday, numerous varsity teams took on their rivals on the Hilltop while multiple booths sold a variety of goods to amuse and cater for the event’s spectators. Despite the fact that the first annual “homecoming” back in 2011 was not a great success, this year’s festivities had a more considerable turn out.

Five varsity teams participated in the athletic blowout this weekend; St. Luke’s girls and boys tennis, softball, girls varsity lacrosse, and baseball teams all participated in matches on the Hilltop. The day started off with the unfortunate loss of the varsity boys tennis tournament against Rye Country Day school.

Luckily, these results didn’t affect the outcome of the succeeding game: girls varsity lacrosse, with the help of senior Hannah Buttman’s four goals and junior Caroline Parsons’ seven, defeated Hamden Hall 15-14. Following this victorious trend, the varsity girls softball team crushed the Chase Collegiate School with a score of 11-1 after a mercy in the fifth inning.

Next on the agenda was the varsity baseball game against Christian Heritage. Players such as Morgan Simmonds ’14, Dan Kagan ’12, and Eliot Henson ’13 faced their competitors wholeheartedly; unfortunately, the game resulted in a 2-1 loss. The last match of the day was the girls varsity tennis team against King; although played both just and diligent, the ending outcome was a disappointing 3-4.

Neither the boys varsity lacrosse nor the boys varsity golf teams competed; however, the golf team brought multiple mini-golf platforms on campus for both kids and adults to putt on for no charge. Along with the golf team, clubs such as Free the Children, GLOW, and the St. Luke’s Environmental Club provided both free and priced merchandise to promote and finance their organizations. Also, a meeting for the editorial staff of the literary magazine was held on-campus to organize and polish the completed edition of this year’s Pendulum.

Wherever you were that blistery Saturday afternoon, the St. Luke’s Spring Homecoming transpired to be exceptionally fun for all who attended. I, along with many others, can’t wait to see what next year’s will have in store.

–Lexi Zargar, Staff Writer

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