Meet My Dog: Mr. George

Mr. George, truly a work of art

I’ve come to be known in the St. Luke’s community for two things: my fondness of coffee and my obese pooch. Meet my dog, Mr. George (more commonly known as George). George is a (mostly) white “miniature” English bulldog, weighing anywhere from 50 to 65 pounds, depending on the day. Purchased online from an unknown breeder in the swamps of Florida, George was flown into the highly acclaimed Newark Airport in the midst of the unforgettable summer of 2008. If you, for some unthinkable reason, do not recall that astounding summer, Chris Brown’s hit single “Forever” may spark your memory.

Since that summer, George and I have had our fair share of adventures. In fact, one of my favorite memories of my time with George happened just three days after his arrival. As he was still being trained, George was being kept in a crate at the time; when I came home that blistering July afternoon, that crate was absolutely covered in excrement. The white puppy I had left just two hours earlier had transformed into a smelly, crying brown creature. The 40 minute cleaning session served as a great bonding experience for my new pup and I.

Although prone to accidents, I assure you that George is extremely lovable–if you have a particular liking for lazy dispositions, that is. On account of his vigorous daily schedule of two 5 minute walks, George sleeps for a whopping 15-20 hours every day. Due to his inverted septum, I get to listen to his hearty snores from my room, two stories above where he sleeps. Lucky me! Another entirely adorable part of George’s persona is his habit of breaking out in crusty red spots and constantly losing hair. His condition entails at least 3 veterinary appointments a month, the purchasing of numerous prescription lotions,  and persistent vacuuming.  Applying medicinal gel to a fat dog’s skin is not as easy or fun as it sounds, trust me.

In all seriousness, Mr. George is one of the kindest dogs you could ever come across. He loves to meet and play with people, dogs, and inanimate objects such as trash cans and ceramic mugs. Even though he could never participate in anything involving a walking speed of over 0.5 miles per hour, I can guarantee that George is up for almost anything. Portly and rambunctious, Mr. George is a dog unlike any other.

–Lexi Zargar, Staff Writer

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