Softball Steps up to the Plate

While last year’s season could be considered a swing and a miss, the Storm Varsity Softball team has hit it out of the park this spring.  The team has a record of 2 wins and 1 loss, and it looks as though they will surpass last year’s record of 3 wins and 10 losses.

As we know, the success of a team is determined by not one, but every player; however, it seems freshman Marissa Ruschil has taken the FAA by storm.  Ruschil joined the team this year as pitcher after coming from the Masters School, and so far she has been a tremendous asset to the team’s superb defense.  In the second game of the season, Ruschil pitched a no-hitter against Hackley and helped SLS earn their first win.  Of course, the team does not leave all the pressure on the pitcher; a variety of players contributed substantially on offense, including Shannon McDonagh ’12, Ana Graczyk ’13, Deja Jordan ’14 and Ally Frattaroli ’14.

Marissa Ruschil '15 deals a strike

In their most recent match against Convent of the Sacred Heart, a team that has previously been a tough competitor, the Storm proved heavy hitters with their staggering 16-0 win.  It looks like the team will continue on this path of success this year and for years to come, as most of the players are in the sophomore and freshman classes.

The large number of younger players is a key part of the growth and success of the softball program.  Last year, the team only had two seniors, Maria Carlucci and Megan Flood, and this year the sole senior (and captain) is McDonagh.  Having fewer  experienced players on past rosters could have attributed to the difficult seasons softball has faced.  But now, as more veteran players have entered the team and the newer players have gained experience, the future of the program looks very bright.

Through hard work and dedication, Varsity Softball has overcome the odds and thrown a curveball at the league.  The team has stepped up to the plate and become one of St. Luke’s most successful  teams this spring, and will hopefully achieve one of the best records for St. Luke’s softball in years.

— Melanie Bow, Staff Writer

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