Meet My Dog: Bubbles

Meet my dog, Bubbles. Bubbles is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (like Queen Elizabeth’s dogs). She was born on December 23rd, 2003. My family got Bubbles at an Easter egg decorating party. She came with the name ”Bubbles,” and I insisted on keeping her name. She was the last of her litter to find a home because Pembroke Welsh Corgis aren’t usually black like Bubbles.  Even when they are, they are never as entirely black as Bubbles is, so no one wanted her presumably because she wouldn’t make a good show dog due to her abnormal coloration.

Bubbles has several medical problems: her pancreas does not produce enough enzymes, so she has troubles with her digestive system; she has issues with her bladder; and due to her long skeletal structure and short legs, has joint problems, especially in her spine. She takes medication for all of these conditions, notably powdered pig pancreas that often floats into the air when applied to Bubbles’s kibble due to its sand-like quality (what fun it is to breathe that in) and thus is a healthy and active dog despite her ailments.

Bubbles’s personality is quite interesting: I rather think she has a Napoleon complex. Despite her short stature, she is feistier and bossier than any other dog I know. She probably does not realize how diminutive she really is; once at my sister’s pony club, she boldly attempted to herd (Corgis are herding dogs) a group of about four or five large horses into an open shed and probably would have been successful had not we intervened to prevent any possible tramplings.

Something of note about Bubbles is that she hates other dogs. I have only known her to like two dogs: one, my family’s other (now deceased) dog, a Newfoundland named Yoshi, and the other, a Golden Retriever named Rugby. She growls and snarls at any other dog she sees, and will attack if allowed to. A few years ago, my mother and I were driving home from school and, as we pulled up to the driveway, stumbled upon Bubbles wriggling through the fence and subsequently assaulting a larger canine being walked by a neighborhood resident. It proved to be quite a struggle to separate Bubbles from her victim. I didn’t see that woman walk her dog past our house for another year at least. Bubbles is certainly a territorial creature.

Though she may seem vicious, I assure you Bubbles is really a delightful animal around people. If her cute charm cannot win you over, the friendliness and attentiveness she displays to new people surely will. If you ever are graced with her presence, do not be offended if she suddenly vacates the room with a sheepish expression, for she has probably experienced flatulence – which, oddly enough, causes her intense embarrassment. Bubbles is definitely a special dog.

– Patrick Quinn, Staff Writer



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