Exam Panic Sweeps Thorough SLS

Horror of all horrors!

Yes, it is that time of year again. The dreaded Exam Week is nearly upon us. For the freshmen, this year will be their first time experiencing Exam Week. For the seniors who taken finals three times already, exams have become a tiring practice. For the grades in between, exams are no less frustrating.

A familiar sight for many SLS students during Exam week.

To gauge the stress of the student body, the Sentinel traveled through the school and interviewed upper school students about their opinion on exams. In most cases, students were able to find a silver lining in the fact that SLS students only take one set of exams every year as opposed to two. In addition, many find solace in the fact that their grades on these exams will only count for 10% of their final grade.

Charlotte Bergmann, a senior, spoke for the majority of the senior class in stating, “Seniors shouldn’t have to take exams because they already take AP classes, which have final tests of their own.” She added that the acting schedules of students in the play are hectic during the week before exams, as their production is on the 3rd of March. “The acting schedules get crazy, so many of us try to sneak in studying while we’re on set.”

An anonymous junior added that, “It’s pretty stressful to have exams in March because many of the juniors will be taking the SATs within the next few weeks, as well.”

Elizabeth Fomon, a sophomore, took a different side in saying that, “the March exams can be a chance to raise your grade…if you study hard and do well, they can help you out.”

The last student the Sentinel interviewed was a terrified freshman who whispered, “I’m so scared. I’m praying I won’t fail because if I do…” As the student walked away, she parted by leaving us with the one consolation that keeps all students going: “At least we will have two, blissful weeks of break afterward! We’ll be free!”

-Khush Dhaliwal, Staff Writer

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