Charlotte Bergmann Puts the “Lead” in Lunch & Lead

On Wednesday, February 15th, a Lunch & Lead session took place in the Center for Leadership with Teri Wagner, the Senior Vice President of Programming and Development for ABC Sports/ESPN.

The concept of a Lunch & Lead is a relatively new one for St. Luke’s School. However, the sessions that have taken place so far have been successful and rewarding experiences for all involved. Until now, these sessions have been organized entirely by the Center for Leadership staff. Recently, however, Charlotte Bergmann, a St. Luke’s senior, took the initiative and asked Teri Wagner to St. Luke’s to speak at a session. Mr. Foley, speaking on behalf of the CFL, had this to say about Charlotte stepping up:

“We’re thrilled. This is exactly the sort of initiative that we envisioned when we launched the program. Ultimately, we would hope that every Lunch & Lead speaker is student generated.”

The Sentinel spoke briefly with Charlotte Bergmann to get her thoughts on these events.

Sentinel: We understand that you were behind the recent Lunch & Lead session with Teri Wagner. Can you tell us about that?

Charlotte Bergmann: I met Teri Wagner through a New Canaan Library lecture that was hosted at St. Luke’s because of power outages in November. I asked her a question after the lecture that she really liked and we talked for a while. I told her about the Lunch & Lead program and she just became very interested in the program and in St. Luke’s in general.

S: Did you attend the Lunch & Lead session? If so, what were your thoughts on the experience?

CB: Yes, I did attend the session, along with Mr. Davis, Mr. Foley, and other members of the CFL. We had a very good turnout. I thought Ms. Wagner did phenomenally— she really talked about what students wanted to hear, not just about her job but about looking forward to college and the future. She told us that if we were to interview for a job with her, she wouldn’t look at your resume, but she’d ask questions about your life and the challenges you’d faced and just watch the way you responded to them. Her inquisitive nature really showed through, too—she interacted well with the students, and I felt there was good communication between her and her listeners.

S: Do you have anything to say to your peers about student initiative and its importance to the Center for Leadership and the school at large?

CB: Putting yourself out there is important—if cool things are going on, whether at school or in your town, you should get involved! Being curious and talking to people, listening to what they have to say, and getting to know them will benefit you greatly in the long run. I personally feel really fortunate to have met Ms. Wagner – she was actually able to introduce me to Scott Pelley as well – and I was able to have that experience because I wasn’t shy; I put myself out there and it worked out very well.

~Maria Juran, Staff Writer 

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