“Dead Poets’ Society” Rises Again at SLS

“O Captain, My Captain”, once just a phrase heard at the end of one of the most inspiring movies of the 1980s, can now be heard radiating through Mr. Bisson’s walls on Day 5s at lunch. The Dead Poets’ Society was founded by SLS Junior Tommy Champion, who was inspired by the eponymous movie and its message of carpe diem. Like the club in the film, Dead Poets Society meets weekly to discuss poems that its members bring in. These poems can either be ones of their own creation or poems that have special meaning to the particular member. Only formed a few weeks ago, the club’s size has quickly grown, becoming a haven for intellectuals and literary enthusiasts. Tomorrow after school, at 6 PM, the Dead Poets’ Society will be hosting a viewing of the movie that inspired its formation in the new commons. They encourage anyone interested in the club or in poetry should come to the viewing. Below is the trailer for the original “Dead Poets’ Society” film, released in 1989.

Ian Corbet, Staff Writer

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