Ms. Nelson: Empress of eBooks, Baronesa de la Biblioteca

“Fun! Interesting! Exciting!” These are all words that SLS students use to describe the Internet, a breathtaking and mysterious instrument of joy and amusement. One might think that in the digital-age, classic institutions of learning, such as libraries, would be overshadowed by newer and fancier technologies. In actuality, innovative librarians such as St. Luke’s own Ms. Nelson are beginning to use the Internet in new ways so as to increase our accessibility to literature and reference material.

Ms. Nelson perched behind her desk

But how can one harness the Internet to improve upon a library? “By creating a blog about the library itself!” says Ms. Nelson while typing away, hard at work on her latest blog post. This new library blog is already accessible to the St. Lukes community. To get on, simply login to the SLS portal and go to the WordPress blogs section, there should be a link to get on the library’s blog.

While it is obvious that this new blog will help kids stay connected with the SLS library, many students will be happy to know that this blog will feature book reviews as well as app reviews. Students can even download a catalogue of all the books in the library right to their phones by using a St. Luke’s app. By accessing the online Godfrey Library Catalogue from home, students and teachers alike are even able to enjoy close to 100,000 e-books online. With all of these new additions to the SLS library, it is fair to say that Ms. Nelson has proven the transitive property in that,


Internet=”Fun! Interesting! Exciting!”


Library= Internet


Library=”Fun! Interesting! Exciting!”


Happy surfing/reading/learning SLS

-Mac Zech, Staff Writer


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