Facebook To Go Public

Facebook has evolved into one of the most influential companies in the world. It’s crazy to think that a multi-billion dollar company started in a Harvard dorm. Now, Facebook is ready to make the leap from a private to public company. Essentially, Facebook is allowing investors to buy a piece of the company in the form of stock. Just like Google in 2004, Facebook hopes to increase their yearly revenue and size. Facebook has hired investment banking giant Morgan Stanley to manage its Initial Public Offering (a.k.a IPO). Facebook is hoping to rase about 5 billion dollars for their IPO, valuing the company at around 100 billion dollars. This is a monumental step for the social-networking site, but one that also warrants some concern. Many people are unsure of what to make of all this hype.

Facebook’s IPO means a few things for the consumer, one being expansion. With the newfound capital, Facebook can afford to expand in multiple mediums. Instead of heavily focusing on the computer based experience, the company hopes to improve its mobile services. Over the coming months, users will begin to see how Facebook’s integration with mobile usage, such as the “check in” feature, and popular “mupload” (mobile picture upload) feature.

As many people know, Facebook’s security and privacy are not its strong suits. Facebook is now the most visited site on the Internet, making it a gold mine for hackers and spammers. With the shareholders at Mark Zuckerberg’s neck, the last thing he can afford is such malware or scams on his site. In order to keep the shareholders happy, Facebook will need to improve their security.

Only time will tell if Facebook’s decision to go public will positively or negatively affect it’s status as the world’s premier social-network.

-Andrew Wagle, Staff Writer

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