Grades Accidentally Revealed Early

On Monday, January 30th, hopeful applicants to Vassar College in upstate New York received admissions letters. Unusually, almost all of the applicants were successfully admitted. The Vassar admissions thread on the CollegeConfidential forum lit up with messages from prospective students, gleefully reporting their admission to the prestigious university. Within hours, the president of the college, Prof. Catharine Hill, announced that at least 76 of these applicants had been offered acceptance in error. In fact, they had been accidentally sent a “test email” not meant to be read by anyone outside of the admissions committee.

Yesterday, St. Luke’s made a similar error. Students who checked their SLS profile between midnight Tuesday and noon on Wednesday found that many of their quarter and semester grades, with comments, had been posted accidentally.

As word spread Wednesday morning, the administration was alerted. To the disappointment of many students, the grades were taken down before Upper School lunch.

In the words of Ian Corbet, who unsuccessfully tried to access his grades: “Everyone was talking about their semester grades going up, so I quickly logged on to check. Sadly, I only saw my disappointing first-quarter grades”.

Other more fortunate students were pleased with the error. “Luckily my dad took a screen-shot of my report card,” said a St. Luke’s Senior, “so I still have most of my grades, three days early.”

The Sentinel investigated and has discovered the reason for this unusual mishap. In an interview, Mr. Bailey explained that the release date for the report cards had never been changed from last year’s time-table, resulting in their release three days ahead of time.

This flub was partially the result of the complex grade-submission process. According to Mr. Bailey, all grades and comments must be reviewed by department chairs before  being made public. However, most teachers post these comments early in the process, later going back and revising them.

Mr. Flachsbart, English Department Chair, commented that, “Although this error is fully understandable, it’s unfortunate because teachers in my department frequently revise comments for the benefit of the students.”

Grades were due Monday morning and are currently available only to advisors and administrators. Pending approval from the department chairs, they will be made public Friday afternoon, at 3 PM.

The Sentinel Staff

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