Colbert Regains Control of $1,000,000 Super PAC

The Colbert Super PAC, formerly known as the “Definitely Not Coordinating with Colbert Super PAC”, was founded by the Comedy Central satirist, Stephen Colbert, in order to raise money to affect the 2012 presidential election. The political action committee (PAC) has been raising funds from corporations and individuals without any limits, and has used the funds to run ads in states during primary elections as well as to support Colbert’s campaign for “President of The United States of South Carolina.” Up until recently, John Stewart of the Daily Show was in control of this Super PAC due to a regulation that forbids presidential candidates from coordinating with their Super PACs. Colbert gave Stewart control during a segment on his show but quickly changed his mind. On January 30th, Colbert chased down John Stewart and reclaimed his rightful role as owner of the Colbert Super PAC. Recently it has been reported that the Colbert Super PAC has raised over $1 million dollars from its donors. Check out a video of Colbert reclaiming his Super PAC here.


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