A Day in the Life of an SLS Skier

The St. Luke's Ski Team

The St. Luke’s Ski Team is trying to come back strong this year after losing their two senior captains, Cort LaBanca and Lily Holland. The team competes in one of the hardest divisions and the team must travel for several hours to get to Mt. Southington, where their races are held. After the races are done, the team hops back on the bus and gets back to SLS at 8:15, ending their 12 hour day.

“Skiing is the pinnacle of both mental and physical focus,” says Nils Berglund ’14 (top ranked St. Luke’s Skier). In order to maintain their focus and prepare for the 12-hour race day ahead, the team’s captains, Craig Ballard and Lauren Labanca, made Nils and his teammates compose a race day routine for one of their best skiers, Bobby Forese. This routine is ideal for a skier or athlete preparing for game or race day.


6:45: Wake up, get in the shower and perform shake weight routine.

7:40: Three course breakfast, consisting of waffles, French toast and Wild-Berry lemonade.

7:55: Get changed into my uniform and look brazenly handsome, as usual.

8:10: Ski behind my car to school.

9:00: Take a personal hour to nap in the nurse’s office in preparation for victory.

10:45: Eat 2 apples, 3 oranges and 10 bananas.

12:00: Leave class for lunch; drink only chocolate milk to prepare.

2:00: Leave class for 2:15 dismissal.

2:05: Change in the girls’ locker room.

2:06: Get kicked out of girls’ locker room.

3:00: Bus ride, listen to “The Eye of the Tiger”

4:30: Arrive at Mt. Southington.

4:50: Report to the summit for duty.

5:30: Win race.

6:30: Wendy’s. Enter food coma after another dose of Wild-Berry lemonade.

8:15: Arrive at school.

8:40: Get picked up.

9:15: P90X and shake weight while furiously jamming to Dubstep.

Will Bloomer, Staff Writer




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