Best of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012

Every year in Las Vegas, electronics companies showcase their newest products and technologies in an event named CES. CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is the mecca for tech savvy people across the world. Most major manufacturers are represented, including Sharp, Nokia, Microsoft, and Samsung. CES is a great time for manufactures to “size up” and compare their products to others, and allow people to see where the future of the industry lies. However, not all devices are an immediate home run in the eyes of the public. Indeed, some products definitely stood above the rest during CES 2012. One company Razer, a medium sized computer organization, has been steadily on the rise, producing high end desktops and laptops as of late. This year, Razer hopes to enter the tablet market with a behemoth of a tablet, codenamed Project Fiona. Project Fiona is essentially a “gaming” tablet, and has the ability to run very technologically demanding games on the go. Project Fiona comes with two Wii like joysticks on each side, a touch screen, and an Intel i7 processor under the hood, impressive features for such a small tablet.

In addition to tablets, TV’s were also seemingly omnipresent at CES this year. The TVs showcased this year topped everyones expectations, ranging from amazing and improved 3D TV’s to Ultra-High definition ones. The TV that stood out the most however was LG’s OLED Television. OLED technology is reliant on organic LED displays, which produce a much better picture. Most high-end HD or 1080p TV’s have a contrast ratio of 16:9, but the LG television has an essentially infinite aspect ratio.  Even if you stick your nose up to the display, no pixels are visible. Furthermore, the bezel, or border, around the LG TV is on 1 millimeter thick, while most other TV’s are a few inches thick. This TV is truly miles ahead of all the other competition, and deserves to be recognized as the best product in CES 2012. This year was a great exposition, showcasing many new products and technologies, but the most noteworthy are the Razer Project Fiona, and LG’s OLED television. For further information on CES 2012, head over to

-Andrew Wagle, Staff Writer

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