A Fireside Chat With Sam Posner

The latest edition in our “Fireside Chat” segment features Sam Posner, a student so busy working on programs that will one day put Microsoft to shame, that it was almost impossible for the Sentinel to get an interview with this elusive mastermind. Even under the extreme stress of being a Senior, Sam is undertaking an economic research project which deals with modeling open source software development and working towards  his STEM diploma, all while excelling in his favorite activity, computer programming. The Sentinel was lucky enough to get an interview with him before he becomes world famous, which seems to be only be a matter of time.

Sentinel: We heard that you have written a very important paper for Econ, can you tell us a little about it?

Sam Posner: It is a paper about how economics relates to software programs.


S: That sounds interesting. Is economics a career path that interests you?

SP: Not particularly, but software and programming is something that I want to do.


S: What is Econ like as class?

SP: Well, we spent the first quarter talking about micro economics and are spending the second quarter talking about macroeconomics. Mr. Foley will introduce a new topic such as the economic crisis and we will talk about how it relates to macroeconomics.


S: How were you able to write this paper with the pressure of college admissions?

SP: That’s an interesting story actually because since I know a lot about programming I thought I could finish it in a couple days but I ended up having to skip two days of school to finish it. It is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written.


S: What are you currently doing for the STEM diploma?

SP: Well, the STEM diploma stands for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math diploma. The project I am doing for the STEM diploma is called “the Elements of Computing Systems” and it is basically a bottom up approach to learning how computer systems work starting from Logic Gates and CPUs working up to the low level software all the way up to high level programming.


S: What are your plans for college?

SP: I’m planning on double majoring in English and Computer Science. I’m really interested in digital media and game development and ways of using computers to create interesting art.


S: Being one of the smartest kids in school, what is one thing you would change about it?

SP: Although I would change a lot of silly things such as the problem with coffee, one of the less ridiculous things is making the club system at St. Luke’s more formal.


S: What are your other interest beside academics?

SP: Obviously I’m really interested in programming for one but I’m also normal and like to play video games and hang out with my friends.

-Ian Corbet, Staff Writer

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