Opinion: Election 2012 — New Hampshire Primary Brings No Surprises

The New Hampshire Primary went exactly as expected with Romney triumphing yet again, making him the only non-incumbent Republican candidate to win the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. The lead among Republican voters has shifted from Michelle Bachman, to Rick Perry, to Herman Cain, to Newt Gingrich, but by now, many voters have realized that Romney is the only viable candidate. New Hampshire is a fiscally conservative state right next to Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, so the results aren’t much of a surprise. However, as we saw in Iowa, the decision is hardly unanimous, since Romney won there by only eight votes.

The question is whether Romney will succeed in winning over more extreme conservatives. His policies are less conservative than most. Before this election, he was pro-choice and he is in favor of more regulations than most conservatives. While this may discourage some conservatives, it helps win over independents, which are a growing demographic in America today and is essential to winning an election. If the Republicans nominated someone like Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum, while they are popular and well-spoken, their philosophies would be too radical to win over any independents. In other words, threatening to threaten to bomb Iran isn’t the best campaign platform for the general public.

Eventually, the Republicans will nominate Romney because he is the only electable candidate and the one with the best chance to beat Obama. Obama’s approval rating is at 40%, so the White House is the GOP’s for the taking. They just need a candidate who is good in debates, has no scandals in his past and believes in the basic ideals of the Republican party, but at the same time, isn’t too extreme. Overall, Romney’s the man for the job, and as both caucuses have shown, more and more Republicans are arriving at the same conclusion.

— Kevin Jahns, Staff Writer

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