Fireside Chat With Jackson Prince

For this edition of Fireside Chat, The Sentinel sat down with Jackson “Swan” Prince (’13). Jackson recently returned from a service trip to Nepal where he worked with impoverished Nepalese children under the direction of Conor Grennan, notable human rights advocate and author of Little Princes: One Man’s Promise To Bring Home The Lost Children of Nepal. 

Prince interacts with Nepalese children

Sentinel: What inspired you to go to Nepal?

Jackson Prince: “I read the book Little Princes, I really liked the book and I got to meet the author. He happens to live in New Canaan and he goes to my church so I talked to him and he invited me to go on his next trip.”

S: So you went with the author and who else?

JP: “I went with him, his wife, my mom, and 4 other people that he had invited.”

S: What kind of work did you do there?

JP: “We worked a lot with the kids and the orphanages that he has there, one in the capitol and one in a remote village.”

S: What was the biggest thing you took away from the trip?

JP: “They seem happier there even though they have a lot less”

S: Do you have any service plans for the future?

JP: “Maybe next year, he said we might go again.”

S: What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the year?

JP: “dominating in basketball.”

S: What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

JP: “I was in a bathroom once and there was a secret door and for some reason I had to get through it before someone came in, and I just remember it was the weirdest dream. I woke up laughing and, I don’t know, it was just the weirdest dream.”

S: When and why did people start calling you “swan”?

JP: “It’s kind of like ‘Jackson’ and my brother’s friend was like ‘jackSWAN’ and then it became ‘swan’ and it just stuck.”

S: What characteristics would you say make you represent a swan?

JP: “Graceful… Secretly ferocious”

S: If you could swim in any type of food what would it be?

JP: “Swim in any type of food? Captain Crunch of course, if that’s legal”

S: Do you have any comment on last years class picture?

JP: “Oh my gosh, no comment no comment.”

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