George Bush and Tony Blair Declared War Criminals

On November 22nd, George Bush and Tony Blair were unanimously found guilty of committing grievous crimes against peace and humanity. Although the prosecuting body in question, the Malaysian based Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT), does not retain any actual power or tangible political influence, this is quite a serious claim.

Blair and Bush: War Criminals?

Modeled after the Nuremberg Trials, the trial is an initiative spear-headed by retired Malaysian Prime-Minister Mahathir Mohamed, who is well known for his deep anti-war sentiments and scathing criticism of the United States’ aggressive actions. The judging panel was composed of seven prominent Malaysians with a mostly distinguished background in law, while the prosecuting team was partially lead by two Americans. The trial was established to “prove that they [Tony Blair and George Bush] committed war crimes” by bringing disingenuous, immoral and most importantly, illegal conduct (torture, genocide, fabrication, not adhering to international protocol, etc) to light with solid evidence.

The proceedings took place from November 19th to Novermber 22nd, and after these 4 days of deliberation and sound judicial process, Tony Blair and George Bush were unanimously declared war criminals. The judging panel concluded that the war waged by the two leaders was unjustified and was a “flagrant violation of international law of war and peace.”

Although the tribunal holds no actual power, the process raises the extremely important and extremely relevant topics of aggression and how accountability is sometimes skewed by the hegemony of powerful nations such as the United States. As easy as it is to brush off the verdict and dismiss the tribunal as a joke, their findings do have some weight because they echo the sentiments of many who wish to see the duo tried for committing war crimes by a more established court.

The case has been submitted for review by the International Criminal Court and the alleged offenders have been filed in the KLWCT’s Registry of War Criminals. Furthermore, members of the KLWCT have pledged  to “continue [our] efforts to bring Bush and Blair to justice and put them in jail”. Whether or not the trial will make an impact on the general assembly is yet to be seen.

Andrew Walker, Staff Writer

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