SLS Seniors Biddle and Connors Sign Letters of Intent

This afternoon on the hilltop our very own SLS seniors Brett Connors and Ellie Biddle officially signed documents recognizing their commitment to play Division One sports in college. Ellie plans to row at the University of Virginia while Brett will be playing baseball at Sienna College in upstate New York. Both Ellie and Brett are incredibly excited about their commitment. The signing ceremony, held during Upper School lunch in the Athletic Center, was surging with positive energy and incredible pride generated by the classmates who came to support the athletes.

Ellie Biddle (left) and Brett Connors (right) will be playing for Virginia and Sienna respectively.

The majority of the senior class readily admits jealousy, as Ellie and Brett are the first Saint Luke’s seniors to officially know where they will be attending college come next fall. It is important to keep in mind, however, that Brett and Ellie have certainly earned the privilege of early knowledge, rowing and pitching their hearts out for years. Yes, playing Division One sports at college will be a tremendous commitment for the two, but both Brett and Ellie claim to love their respective sports so much that the prospect of devoting a large portion of their college experience to these teams brings them nothing but joy and elation.

“I’m so excited for Virginia!” Ellie exclaimed to me (on the way home from crew practice, quite fittingly) “I can’t wait to row for Kevin Sauer (my coach next year) and with some of the top girls in the country.” When asked how he feels about the tremendous commitment he is about to make, Brett confidently responded, “the baseball program (at Siena) has been very strong and the coach has been there for over 40 years. Out of all my options Siena seemed to be the place where I most saw myself for the next 4 years.”

I undoubtedly speak on behalf of the entire student body when I say congratulations to Brett and Ellie! We’ll all be rooting for you next year!

-Caroline Hopkins, School News Editor

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