Varsity Football: Storm v. Hackley Preview

Under The Lights: Catch the Varsity Football Team play Hackley this Saturday

The Varsity Football team is currently 4-1, having dominating their opponents this season by scoring a total of 188 points, while giving up a mere 81. With only two games remaining in their regular season, the team is aware that they must make the most of their remaining time. In order to advance to a championship game, the boys will need to win out, defeating both the Hackley School and King. The Storm will face off against Hackley this Saturday, November 5th at 6 PM under the lights. This will be a huge game for the team, as a win is needed in order to keep their post season hopes alive. Hackley is currently 1-4, with their lone win coming against Kingswood- Oxford, a team SLS beat 64-13. Despite this apparent mismatch, expect Hackley to come out prepared and focused for this Saturday night matchup. The most recent game that was scheduled for the SLS Varsity Football team was against the Pennington School from New Jersey. The game was cancelled due to the freak snow storm that descended upon Fairfield County this past weekend. The 6th Man has organized a bus service to shuttle students to and from the game, thanks to Dan Kagan. If you are interested in attending via the bus service, contact Dan ASAP.

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