Snow in October?

Snow Covered Trees: not only a december sight

Twitter is raging. Facebook statuses are going rogue. Yes, the notorious four letter S word has entered into our lives once again. Talk of possible snow has allegedly been heard amidst murmuring clusters of students. Children have hardly made the final Halloween costume purchases yet. Our parkas are still packed away in the backs of our closets, our fall sports are still heavily underway, and our college applications have yet to be postmarked. How on Earth could we be seeing snow this early in the year? The forecast for New Canaan, CT reads “90% chance of precipitation, rain/snow” for this Saturday, October 29th. Meanwhile, upstate New York and North Western Connecticut have already seen as much as two inches of snowfall as of this Thursday evening. This simply cannot be happening. While several students seem deeply disturbed by the early onset of winter, the vast majority of the student body seems to be ecstatic. Exclamations such as “OMG OCTOBER SNOW DAY?!” have been heard resonating through the halls and seen hastily posted online. One exhilarated student even went as far as to shout, “I LOVE global warming!” upon catching wind of the snow rumor. No doubt about it, people are excited for the snowfall. The real question remains, though, as we approach the coming weekend, is whether the snow talk is merely rumor or legitimate warning. As of this Friday, car windshields have been sheeted with ice and breath has been far too visible for our liking. Given the current sub 30 degree weather, it seems feasible that snow may actually be in our forecast. Sports teams with games scheduled for this Saturday worry about the potential of playing in the snow- or worse- having their games cancelled. Others are skeptical about the forecast, however, predicting the likelihood of mere chilly rainfall as opposed to full on snow. Regardless of whether or not we see snowfall this weekend, have no fear, Saint Luke’s, your Trick-or-Treating plans will not be ruined, as meteorologists predict fifty degrees and partly cloudy for Halloween Night.

-Caroline Hopkins, School News Editor 

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