Fireside Chat with Myles Gaines

Fireside Chat is a new Sentinel Recurring Segment in which we interview students by our beloved new fireplace. 

Since day one of his transfer from Fairfield Prep earlier this year, Myles Gaines has been a breakout star not only on the football field, but in the curiosities and minds of all St. Luke’s students. Myles’ athletic flair, zeal, and sheer dominance on the football pitch have kept him on everyone’s radar. His swift ascension to St. Luke’s fame has left many students curious about the man behind the helmet. Who is Myles Gaines off the field? The Sentinel sat down with Myles to shed light on some alternate aspects of his personality, as well as, of course, some football talk.

The Inaugural Fireside Chatter: Myles Gaines

Sentinel: So how long have you been playing football?

Gaines: This is my 9th year playing. Football has been a big part of my life for a long time.

Sentinel: Got any football memories that you are particularly fond of? 

Gaines: Off the top of my head, winning the Pop Warner State Championships. That’s a moment I’ll never forget. My worst memory is going 0 and 10 during my sophomore year at Fairfield Prep. That moment taught me to never to take winning for granted.

Sentinel: Many have been dying to know the secret to your success in football. Do you have any good luck rituals before a game? 

Gaines: Before a game I get alone by myself and focus. I just zone in for at least 10 minutes, no real rituals. I think about my last games and how I could have improved. Then I apply it to the upcoming match.

Sentinel: Got any advice for up-coming St Luke’s football players? 

Gaines: This may sound cliché, but go hard and practice. It doesn’t go unnoticed by the coaches.

Sentinel: Do you see yourself playing football in college? 

Gaines: Of course, I definitely see myself definitely playing football in college. That’s why I lift hard and play hard.

Sentinel: And on that note, do you see yourself playing football for the NFL? 

Gaines: Well, we’ll have to see. Do I want to play football for the NFL? Of course, that is every kid’s dream! I’ll have to get into that mindset and if I’m not good enough not to play, well then that’s just too bad because I won’t settle for anything less.

Sentinel: Alright, now for something a little different. As Einstein once never said, “only the most inane and trifling questions will reveal a man’s true character”, so on that note, if you could fuse two fruit together, which ones would you choose and what would the fruit be called? 

Gaines: That’s a hard one. I’d choose watermelon and kiwi. Kiwimelon? No, that’s too easy…Kiwelon!

Sentinel: You’re trapped on a deserted island. What three items would you want most? 

Gaines: First of all, I’d take deodorant; a guy’s gotta stay fresh after all. After that, I would take a stove so I can cook, and finally I would take a cellphone so I can tell people where I am.

Sentinel: If you could time travel, where would you time travel to and why?

Gaines: I would love to time travel to when my parents were born. I really want to see how they grew up and how they were raised. That would definitely give me more insight.

Sentinel: And finally, you are attacked by your evil twin. How do you respond? 

Gaines: Whatever the attack is, I’d attack him twice as hard because it’s not about getting mad, it’s not even about getting even: it’s about getting ahead.

-Andrew Walker, Staff Writer 

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