St. Luke’s University?

The college process is a huge component of any St. Luke’s senior’s life, and during the colder months, the huddled masses convene on the College Counseling Office’s couches, begging for snacks left for visiting schools and attempting not to procrastinate.

Three of the Bucknell Seven, keeping SLS ties alive.

This is the time when all sixty-six of us write essays, fill out paperwork, and cry manly tears over the decisions of institutes of higher education. Some people are extremely secretive about their lists to avoid “competition”, others share theirs and find overlap with others. Come September, most people are happy to find one or two other people at college that they can have as friends in their first couple of weeks in a new place. Alumni of St. Luke’s who are currently freshmen at Bucknell, however, won’t have to look far to find an old friend. Out of ten that were admitted, seven accepted a spot at the home of Bucky Bison this fall. On the map of where seniors were going outside of the College Counseling Office last spring, there wasn’t enough room for all of the Bucknell flags. Bucknell has been affectionately nicknamed “St. Luke’s University” by a select few, because of the volume of people that have chosen to attend. I imagine it’d be a little strange to see your former classmates around campus so often. Imagine doing a bio lab with your sophomore chemistry partner. The “Bucknell Seven,” as they’re called, probably didn’t choose Bucknell to stick together. This brings us to the ultimate question: why Bucknell?

None of the current freshmen could be reached for comment, (although Kevin Quindlen ’11 did promise he’d “get back to me”) but Ms. Bell had some thoughts. “I think they all [the “Bucknell Seven”] came to the decision that Bucknell was their first choice school separately. Some were friends but they did not plan to attend the same school. This class had a lot of school spirit so I am not surprised a lot of them chose Bucknell. Bucknell appeals to a lot of students. It has almost everything anyone could want. It feels like a small liberal arts college but it has 3500 students, a school of management and a school of engineering. It has Division I sports, a small town feel and a great academic reputation. What’s not to love?”, says Ms. Bell. What’s not to love indeed. It seems like an ideal choice for many students, and it doesn’t surprise me that in the past five years, eleven students have enrolled at Bucknell. However, Ms. Bell notes something else interesting about the class of 2011: “With all the talk about the Bucknell seven, we tend to forget about the Colby four, the NYU three, the Wake Forest three, the Villanova three…this was a close class!”

Too true, Ms. Bell. I can only assume that they are shaking things up at the respective colleges. Their character has rubbed off on the current senior class, which is making an effort to continue their famous school spirit. It’s also rumored that the class of 2012 has a “Bucknell” of its own; rumor has it that Elon University in North Carolina and Dickinson College in Pennsylvania are pulling many applicants into their respective pools. We’ll have to wait until spring to see if there will be another “St. Luke’s University”, but until then, we’ll  all still be having nervous breakdowns in the College Counseling office.

-Emily Bergmann, Contributing Writer


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