SLS Shuts Down Facebook…temporarily

It was the redirect heard ’round the world.

When students attempted to log in to Facebook this morning, they were promptly redirected to the SLS homepage. This apparent display of authoritarian control by the administration had the student body in an uproar. Twitter hashtags began circulating, including “#occupysls” and “#bringbackfacebook.”  However, in a Sentinel Exclusive, we are pleased to report that Facebook should be back to normal shortly. According to Mr. D’Agostin, this temporary lockdown was simply a means of testing some new software, not a restrictive ploy against students.

Although many teachers bemoan the evils of Facebook on a daily basis, SLS students often use the site for school related activities, including organizing clubs and reaching class pages. In addition, Student Body President Kelly Seaver often posts important school updates on the “SLS 2011-2012” group page. Facebook has transcended the “useless social media” tag and has instead become an important facet of student life.

Luckily, the administration recognizes many of these points. Mrs. Preston, our school’s Director of Technology, wishes to express that “We are firmly against blocking sites. However, we hope that students are responsible with their internet usage.” As responsible students, it’s important that we exercise the utmost discretion in our internet usage. To retain our internet privileges, we must continue to prove that SLS students are sensible and appropriate browsers.


-Ben Klein, Editor in Chief

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