New Clubs Take SLS by “Storm”

Clubs. How many are there now? Like rabbits, the clubs here at St. Luke’s seem to be constantly multiplying. Are you lost in the mystery of all the new clubs? Did you miss the Club Fair last Friday? Well, here’s the update on all the new groups at SLS.


Floetry: Created by sophomores Jojo Brame and Ettienna Gallagher, Floetry is a writing group. The girls started the club after realizing that St. Luke’s didn’t have a club specializing in poetic writing. Floetry’s aim is to create a community in which writers can have their work read and critiqued. Creative writers should definitely consider joining. Whether you’re a poet, a novelist, or any other storyteller, you’re welcome to become a part of Floetry.


Book Club: Another new addition to SLS clubs- the Book Club! Greyson Kennedy, a freshman, started the club this year. The point of the club is quite simple; to read and discuss books. For those who enjoy anything book-related, this should be a no-brainer. The first book of the year is Crank, by Ellen Hopkins. So, go to your closest Barnes and Noble, pick up a copy, and meet up with the Book Club. All the cool kids are doing it.


Film Club: Like movies? Are you so sophisticated that you call them “films” instead? This is the club for you. All kidding aside, movie-lovers should be thrilled. Ben Klein, who started the club, wants to expose the St. Luke’s community to a broader range of films. The Film Club will be watching films from directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and more. So, if you’re tired of talking about the latest Disney-Pixar movies with your younger siblings and yearn for a more fulfilling film experience, join Film Club.


Investment Club: For those who fancy themselves as stock-market gods. The Investment Club deals with, you guessed it, investments! The club specializes in the investment world and prepares our soon-to-be business aficionados for future work experiences. Do you imagine yourself carrying a briefcase to work in the future? If so, the Investment Club might be for you.


Model UN: It’s back! Model UN has returned from hiatus to the St. Luke’s community. This international club allows students from schools around the world to learn about the UN. Schools are assigned countries to represent at conferences and debate current issues. St. Luke’s is representing The Republic of South Sudan and Honduras. If you’re interested in global issues, debate, and learning about other countries, Model UN is perfect for you.


St. Luke’s LifeWorks: Started by Christie Kheuner, the St. Luke’s LifeWorks aims to break the cycle of homelessness by helping people achieve- and maintain – permanent housing and stability in their lives. The club will be raising money for the cause this year through a main event- a fashion show in February. This means St. Luke’s needs models. Finally, an excuse to let your vanity run free! It’s for charity, after all.


Ultimate Wiffle Club: Do you have any degree of hand-eye coordination? Do you like goofing off during your free periods? Even if you answered no to these questions, you are still eligible for Ultimate Wiffle. The Club combines both Wiffle Ball and Ultimate Frisbee. Games may be spontaneously announced at any time- a welcome break during the occasionally dreary school day.


Hopefully, you’ve found an interest in at least one of these new clubs. Without a doubt, there are more to come. I have heard rumors of a Geography Club among others. Though the sheer number of groups may seem ridiculous, it’s nice to know that our school has such a broad interest range. However, if the number of clubs overtakes the general population of the school, we may have a problem.


-Lizzy McLaughlin, Contributing Writer

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