Pendulum Wins Gold

Simply put, the members of the Litmag staff are Masters of the Universe.  Not once, but twice in as many years, The Pendulum has won the gold medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the premier rating agency in the country.

Technically, the Pendulum is a “Literary-Art” magazine, meaning that it is judged not only on the writing but also on graphics, art, and overall layout.

The 2011 edition, the brain-child of then-senior Sam Fomon, has the theme of “the ephemeral” in reference to the fleeting years of childhood, or more specifically, young adulthood.  Other staff members included current Seniors Paige Hart and Emily Bergmann (now the Editor), along with Gabi Horowitz, Nicole Bennett-Fite, Charlotte Hopkins, and Christian Langalis.

The judges were particularly impressed with the quality and reproduction of the artwork (kudos to the SLS artists and art teachers), and they singled out an essay by Ben Klein and a story by Alex Robertson as the most impressive literary entries.

Faculty advisor Mr. Flachsbart was of course proud of his students’ achievements.  At the same time he was slightly reticent about the honor, explaining that he believed success in the arts should not be a competitive matter.

“At least the award shows we’re on the right track and keeping up with ‘best practices,’” he noted.  Mr.F went on to say he’d like to see more poetry reading events here and arrange meetings with literary-minded students from other schools.

For those interested in becoming part of this awesome organization, the literary magazine meets every day 3 and 7 during upper school lunch in Room 332.

Activities include judging submissions as well writing and reading spontaneous mini-prompts.  All students in grades 9 to 12 are welcome.

The Pendulum is published in May of each school year.  Submissions should be given to Emily Bergmann or your English teacher.


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